Link building strategy is one essential factor followed by SEO Experts to attract more people to a certain page or website, and one thing about the web technologies is that they change and are still evolving. If you are in search of the right ways to do your linking, then this article would come in handy for you.

In order to understand and follow these new techniques for link building, one has to let go of all the passive and redundant linking building ideas that they are so used to as they are not going to help you out any more. So, read on to learn about the new developments and methodologies used for link building in the coming time.

link building strategies
Link Building Strategies

With the Google Panda and Penguin updates occurring more frequently, the SEO experts are forever on their toes to refine their techniques and strategies for link building. No longer can one fool Google with spammy automated techniques. Do away with those old link building methods and imbibe the new, if you really are serious about staying ahead of the competition.

Best Ways To To Do Your Link ing

1. Focus more on Social media
Google is now going to look more on the social influence in the near future. Therefore focus your efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as social shares are going to be a definitive ranking factor within Google. Other social websites are Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Starts networking with those that have the same interests. Keep this as an important link building strategy for 2013.

2. The content
Google always likes those websites that are updated on a regular basis as compared to static websites. It likes to reward a website for fresh and up to date content. Therefore focus on a well written and meaningful content for your page or website. The content should be useful for the people reading it.

3. Link to other blogs
Link to other blogs but only relevant and useful ones. Provided you put in your efforts in the right direction, you can get some amazing results after some time. But one will need to have loads of patience and time for this. There are certain posts and blogs that work better than others.

4. Use images for links
There are good chances that images on your website are being used by someone else in their blogs or posts. This is a great opportunity to cash on and a great link building strategy for 2013. All you need to do is email them and ask them politely to link the image back to your website or blog.

5. Find out your competitor links
Just run a back link checker on the websites of your competitors and see who is linking with them. Get all these links documented on an excel sheet and start organizing the data. You may like to find out as to types of sites are getting linked her by your competitors and see how you can get links from them. Now that you have some great link building strategies to get started, you will still need all the efforts and patience to get some good results. The web world is getting competitive and the search engines are getting stricter. You will need to keep update with the top 2013 link building strategies to remain ahead.

I hope you apply these link building strategies and watch your SERP presence improved.


  1. It’s easy way to comment on others blog and get backlink. One of the important point you add that was checking out competitors backlink to find out the others link building strategy.. Really good article helping to each blogger.

  2. Social! Go big on social Donald.

    If you socialize and share, you can optimize your link-building strategy.

    Be a chatty person. Get clicks through social to boost your overall link-building approach.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. All the tips given above are really helpful to build link ! Thank you for these link building strategies ! Have a great time ahead !

  4. hi there oscar. in terms of social media, i think it is important to focus on few social networking sites but can give a huge impact to traffic. for instance, i am focusing on facebook and twitter since i cannot focus on many social networking sites.
    in terms of blog commenting, i really love it. πŸ™‚ i like to share my opinions and point of view about other’s post.

  5. Great Post Oscar,
    These are indeed some great ways to build quality backlinks, but my all time favorite still remains blog commenting and believe me, it works well!

  6. Nothing new here in this post. I just want to share when building links from other sites consider checking out trust rank and trust flow not just page ranks some blogs today are specifically built to have a high PR but looks spammy. Mostly they are paid guest posting blogs.

  7. We can’t ignore blog commenting which is also a significant factor for building backlinks Yes, Definitely social media is very important in SEO 2013.
    BTW you write a well valuable article. Love this post.
    Keep sharing like this. πŸ˜€

  8. Hi Donald,
    Great tips. It is helpful to get quality backlinks. Link building is one of the best strategies for improving the Search results. Recently, I read a blog related to the link building it is Top 3 Link Building Strategies in 2013 In this blog several SEO professionals are talking about their experiences in link building. .
    Hope this will help you all! Thanks


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