In this article, we are going to look at top stock market apps for Andriod. These apps will help you in analyzing and tracking stock market results. Apps listed in this article will also assist you in managing your portfolio, provide news and analysis on market trends. These apps include:

1.  Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to follow business and market blogs like Forbes and Bloomberg e.t.c. Following these type of blogs will help you keep track of the stock market news, keeping you updated on the market trends. Feedly offers a  much lighter, simpler, and way to keep track of market trends. Feedly offers a free version that allows you to add 100 sites to your feed. If you desire to add more sites, you will need to subscribe to the premium package by paying $5.

2. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance app features real-time stock information and portfolio tracking. To track specific stocks with Yahoo finance app, all you have to do is add them to a watch list to receive quotes and personalized news about the companies. To view full-screen charts, Yahoo finance requires you to turn your smartphone to landscape, this way more information about stocks and even allow you to compare different options. Yahoo finance app provides information on currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, and world markets. Users can follow up to cryptocurrencies.

3. J stock

J stock is another awesome stock market app. It offers support for  28 world stock markets, 10 years of chart history, and even more features for the U.S.

stock market. J stock also allows you to manage your portfolio and dividends. J stock features a widget that gives you information on the latest trends, directly from your home screen. J stock app is entirely free, but you would have to pay a premium of $40 to remove ads.

4. MSN Money

MSN money stock market app is geared towards offering you lots of news from all the top stock market app. With MSN money, you are assured of getting the latest news from the stock market, keeping you updated with the latest market trends.

MSN money features tools, calculators, and information for traders. It also works with cryptocurrency and commodity prices like oil or gold. It is a free app that offers some Ads.

5. Stock Twits

Stock twits offer a social platform where stock market enthusiasts can interact. Stock twits allow you to chat with other investors and traders to help better gauge the market and see where your stocks are going. Stock twits also feature a particular trending list that shows market watchers specific stocks that are in the news, making moves up or down, or popular with top investors and traders. StockTwits can also connect with brokerage accounts from big names like Robinhood, E-Trade, and Fidelity to trade directly from the app.

6. My Stock Portfolio

If you are really into managing your portfolio as a stockbroker, My stock portfolio app is the right app for you. This lets you create and manage collections, view stock market prices, and get real-time stock quotes. It also features a news section with articles from sites like Yahoo Finance and other large finance publications as well as home screen widget support. My stock portfolio has a free version and also a premium version. Purchasing the premium version of the My stock portfolio app will require a one time fee of $15.

7. Real-Time Stocks Tracker

Real-time stocks tracker offers live streaming stock information. If you are an enthusiast that likes keeping up with the latest news on stocks on the market, this app is suitable for you. Real-time stocker tracker can create and track multiple watch lists and stock portfolios.

With this app, You can input some customizable variables including price, market cap, EPS, and many others to find the exact stock that piques your interest.

8. Webull

Weibull contains real-time stock prices, portfolio management options, and a news feed for Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, and other financial publications. It’s an investment service like Robinhood, eTrader, etc.

9. Financial Blog Apps

This app offers stock market news, from many financial blogs. These blogs include Bloomberg, MarketWatch (linked), CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. The apps bring to your awareness, blogs that you can visit on a daily basis to keep track of the stock market.

10. app offers stock market information, news, and prices, from 100,000 institutions across 70 global markets. app helps you manage your portfolio, check out cryptocurrency prices e.t.c It offers a very clean UI that makes navigations very easy.

As already mentioned above, these are the top stock market apps for Android. Some of them have different features. It is imperative you scan the list meticulously to selecting the stock market app that is most suitable for you.




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