The biggest dream of every blogger is to own a popular blog, and this results into looking for the best ways to promote your blog of which one of the various ways is using forums. I remember writing a post on numerous ways how to promote a blog, and I did not lay much emphasis on foruming. But in this article, I’ll teach you the best ways to promote your blog on forums and then drive thousands of traffic and in this case targeted traffic to your blog.

ways to promote a blog on forums

You might wonder if this really works, I would love to let you into something I consider a top secret, my thrid largest source of traffic on this blog comes from forum referrals. This can prove to you that getting traffic from forums has never died and is still a cool way to promote your blog.

There are laid down rules you need to follow while promoting your blogs on forums, and that is the reason I wrote this post to educate you on how to get the most traffic to your blog from forums and also a large readership and to your blog. Here are some of the things you need to know below before I give the blog promotion tips.

  • Before you start out promoting your blog on any forum, make sure the forum has your target audience or else, it would all be a wasted effort.
  • Try as much as you can never to spam on forums, but reply to threads and make useful inputs to the forum.

Now back to the main subject here, below are the ways to promote your blog on forums and get your anticipated massive traffic to your blog.

1.  Find Your Potential Readers Forums

I always love to say this to people searching for easy ways to promote their blogs, finding were your potential readers gather is not such a difficult task. There are thousands of forums that fall into various niches, make your research, even with a simple Google search, you would find lots of forums related to your blog.  Here are the first things you would have to do when you find one.

  • Register with them.
  • Setup your forum profile with your blogs URL
  • Read lots of threads
  • Find the active members of the forums.
  • Study the way they make their posts and topics

2. Reply To Forum Threads and Offer Solutions

Now, this is one aspect you need to really engage in. Try your best as possible to engage in forum discussions, proffer solutions to peoples problems on the forum. This really helps in driving traffic to your blog. I know you would love to know how, here. If you answer most peoples questions, they will end up viewing your profile, and remember I told you earlier on to setup your profile using your blog URL, on reaching your profile, it is a sure fact that a larger number of them would love to know more about you and will view your blog. This is a great way for referral traffic.

3. Create Useful Forum Topics

Creating topics on a forum is a way to get popular on the forum. Try to be the first to post a trending topic or news related to your niche, and with time you get popular. Even if you post a link to your blog as a resource page, they forum members would not consider it spam because you have won their trust as an authority and a helpful member of the forum. Building trust is one vital fact and without creating useful topic, it can be difficult promoting your blog on forums.

4. Promote Your Blog Using Your Signature

Most forums allow forum signature, and they appear below every post you make in the forum. Now, use this tool to your advantage by placing a catchy title with your blog URL. If you are very active in the forum, your URL would appear most places and it surely would get noticed by the forum members. Catchy phrases and headlines related to your blog is what you should use so as to encourage people into clicking and visiting your blog. With this, the more reply’s you make, the wider the audience and traffic you pull to your blog.

5.  Build Relationship

This is another vital fact if you want to promote your blog on forums. You must learn to build relationships with members of the forum by answering questions as stated above, introducing yourself in the forum introduction section and other ways you think can build you a cool relationship with other forum members. I can never over emphasize on this, it really goes a long way in promoting your blog.


If you can apply these various ways i have listed in this article, you would really be shocked on the massive amount of traffic you would pull to your blog simply by promoting your blog on forums. I hope you enjoy this article.


  1. Needful information for the bloggers.

    Yes, forums would drive tons of traffic to blog. I experienced it for my beauty blog.

    For some forums, adding signature will restricted in the initial stage.

    Anyway, discussing good stuffs and solving the needs of the people would increase the reputation of a blogger!

    If you complied it with a good list (atlest 5 forums related to blog), your post would be really good.

    • You are right Nirmala, some forums limit signature links till you reach a specific amount of posts/replys and days in the forum. This shouldn’t discourage you in anyway, with time and hard work you can win trust and gain traffic in the forums.

    • Hi Kaxil,
      Like I said earlier, finding forums in your niche won’t be really difficult using Google search. Infact, i’ll come up with a post with links to various forums and niches they fall under soon.

  2. Providing solutions is the smart way to grow your business through forums Oscar.
    Few people like being sold to, or spammed. Most people just want help.
    Be the person to offer help and you will be amazed by what flows you way.
    Success always find the diligent, driven person. The person who helps, and trust me, you will stick out in a positive way if you help on forums.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi oscar. warrior forum i think is a good forum if your blog focuses on internet marketing like mine. i am not sure though to other topics. i am not active in warrior forum though but it can be a good source of ideas for your blog

  4. Hello Oscar,

    Thank you for sharing a informative article !
    Yes, i am also using some forums and i am getting nice traffic from there.
    It is helping me to build relationships with same niche blogger too…

    Have a happy time ahead 🙂

  5. HI Oscar! I found your link while visiting a B Group and thought I stop by. I have found that you can get quite a bit of traffic from forums as long as you are there to offer support people will follow you.. I also post my blog in the forum then make some kind a point about what it is about, then people can decide whether they want to stop by or not.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery 🙂

    • Hi Schmidt,
      Foruming is one aspect most bloggers overlook, but it turns in a huge amount of traffic. I’m glad you stopped by, hoping to get more comments from you on this blog. Thanks.

  6. There are a lot of good forums to participate in and this is definitely a great way to get traffic. Mylot used to pay people to post in their forum but they don’t do that anymore. They changed the design (it looks very nice) they allow you to follow people and share posts on the social media sites. However, I still participate because I like the atmosphere and sharing what I know with people. Thank you Oscar for sharing this with us!


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