If there is one thing out there that every blogger wants for his/her blog, it’s definitely a massive and jaw dropping traffic. Well, it isn’t quite easy to come by if you don’t work hard for it. As you know, the competition keeps heating up and there are lots of blogs coming up in every Niche daily to compete with you on search results.

getting traffic without SEO and google

Don’t you think it would be a nice idea if you can device an alternative to search engines that’s if they do not tend to favor you on their search results? Or even if you get a decent amount of traffic from them, you could still add this up to your ways of pulling traffic to your blog, at least you do not have to put all your eggs in one basket.

Though I get a reasonable amount of traffic from search engines, I simply decided to work on ways to improve my traffic without Google and it has proven to be a bomb shell for me. Even without search engines, I can boldly say I make loads of traffic from other sources.

In this article, I will be exposing various secrets to you which I use in pulling huge and massive traffic to my blog. Make sure you read this article carefully, it would surely be of a great help to you.

Ways To Driving Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO and Google

Before I go into the points you need to consider in order to get traffic to your blog without a Google Search Engine, firstly consider the point below

Your Post Headlines Or Titles

I decided to start by writing about your post headlines before every other point because this is the main focus of your content. Before anyone clicks on your content, the first thing they come across is the post’s title. This would determine if they should click on your link or rather click on the big red X button to exit your blog window.

There are little tips you have to bear in mind while writing a title, these have been keeping me in the blogosphere and helps me in writing a must read killer headline.  Here are some headline tips I make use of;

  • Write your headlines from back to front. For instance, instead of writing “How To Rank on Google’s First Page“, write “Why You Can Not Rank On Google’s First Page“. It’s a kind of negation.
  • Write List titled articles.

You can start with these above points in writing a post tile/headline and next, I would guide you through how you can use those headlines to turn in the traffic without search engines.

1. Social Media

With the number of people using social networks and the increasing number of people registering daily, it can really prove to be a great source of traffic for bloggers. The social media has been my major source of traffic after search engine.

One major advantage of using the social media is that it tends to help promote your blog and helps in making your blog popular. Not only does is popularize your blog, it also gains you repeated traffic to your blog. I’ve explored few social networks anyway that worked quite well for me and I would list them out for you.

  • Facebook: Join Blogging groups, interact with bloggers, create your blog fanpage and share your blog articles.
  • Twitter: Try to follow and retweet others to catch their attentions, then tweet your blog articles also.
  • Pinterest: Works great for image lovers.

I won’t be giving you a massive list because this three sites mentioned above are really worth more than you can imagine. I get loads of referral traffic from them. Try them out.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a great way to start up a relationship with the host blogger and also their readers. One point to keep to mind while leaving comments on other people’s blog is; leave a contribution to the article in form of a comment. This would draw the attention of the host blogger and the readers, they would love to know more about the person adding value to the content they just read, and in turn they would visit your blog from the link provided.

Commenting goes a long way in making your blog popular. One of the bloggers I respect so much for lengthy and reasonable comments on other peoples blog is Harleena Singh of Aha-Now . You might have noticed her comments on this blog or other blogs. Her contributions really makes her stand out and has helped her in gaining a large following using the commenting system.

I applied her strategies in commenting and it has turned to work out great for me, I get lots of traffic from other blogs I commented on.

NB: Do not decline from leaving comments on Nofollow blogs, all types of links are useful if you wish to promote your blog.

3. Forum Posting

If you are among those who have underestimated the power of forums, then you have been missing out on a lot of traffic. This is one place I think I’ve not worked well on, but from the little I have used forums, I can tell you that it has helped drive a lot of traffic to my blog. Here is how I use forums

  • I register on forums which are related to my Niche in order to get a targeted audience.
  • I try to give answers to questions without spamming.
  • I create topics that would be of benefit to the forum members.

Now try to improve on the above 3 points, you would gain popularity and trust on those boards, and it’s time to start getting your traffic.

  • After you’ve won their trust you can answer questions with links back to your blog articles, it won’t raise eyebrows. Infact, the Mods and Forum members would really appreciate your help in growing the forum.
  • Add your link and keywords to your forum signature.

This simple tips have really worked in gathering a nice reading audience for me from various forums, you too can.

If you can implement these strategies I’ve stated rightly, you would experience a tremendous increase in your blog’s traffic even without search engines.

Now, this is not actually the end of this article, I’ve split this post into several parts, so that you can start with these 3 for now. I would post other subsequent strategies in other parts which I’ll be publishing sooner than you expect on this same blog.

Implement these traffic building tips without Google and also return often to this blog as I would publish “How I Get Traffic To My Blog Without Google (Part 2)“‘ anytime soon.

Feel free to add a contribution to this post using the comment box, and also remember sharing is caring.

Happy Blogging.


  1. Thanks Oscar,all these tips works wonder.I have had a great enefit of blog commenting and forum posting in the last few months and have vowed to continue in it.But i must advise all bloggers never to rely wholey/soley on all the tips listed above,why because Search engines stil remains the primary and most important blog traffic source

  2. Nice tips bro, it really helps to me Social Media is the best way to drive traffic to your blog, thanks, and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Oscar,

    Thanks so much for the mention, and I didn’t know you were noticing my comments at other places. 🙂
    It gives me immense pleasure to know that someone really tried following the long comment system and saw the results too. So glad that it’s working for you as well.

    Coming to the post, I do agree with all that you wrote. I guess even if you don’t get traffic through Google, which is very normal when you start off because everything takes time, you can do so by the various ways you mentioned. Social media is a huge traffic puller, and I can vouch for that because it’s one thing that’s always worked for me. I really don’t depend much on Google for my traffic because better and more powerful tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    Yes, commenting has always worked for me, ever since I started leaving longer and meaningful comments – related to the post. This is another skill you can easily pick up, and though it might take a few more minutes of your time, but it surely adds more value to your comment – isn’t it? I do believe that if a persons taken out the time to write a post, the least we can do is leave a thoughtful comment.

    More so, the relationships you build when you leave comments at other places helps you in time of need because they will always come and share your posts and leave comments – they are always there for you, and this helps especially when Google lets you down when the animal updates occur!

    Other than that, post headlines, if they are effective and attractive – will surely get clicked and get you traffic too. I haven’t really had much time to join forums as yet, but am sure they work well too.

    Thanks for sharing these ways with us, and I look forward to the second part of the series too. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. I came over via Harleena’s tweet. I like what you said about reversing the blog headline title and that was genius. I wrote post about blog titles and what you said, was perfect. Sometimes words with a negative connotation evokes something in us where we either want or have to find out how to fix ours or avoid it.

    When I started blogging it was very frustrating hearing SEO this or SEO that and not really understanding what it all meant. Till this day, I can’t say I still do know what the hell it all means, but I learned to use keywords properly and wrote consistently 3 days a week for 2 years. That was just one half of how I got my traffic, but you hit the nail on the wall with blog commenting.

    One blog that comes to mind was Nitty Griddy. The author was not only witty, but super smart when it came to writing. Her posts seemed more like a ramble, but I loved it. And when she commented, she could write a novel when it came to feedback. I learned allot from that lady who no longer blogs anymore, but her blog (I think) is still there. Then I joined a blog commenting group and the rest is history.

    My blog took a completely different turn and I was able to start learning what networking was all about. Traffic is essential and helps, but its people we need to put first and building relationships over time. Traffic will come if you are consistent, share content and leave genuine feedback for others. Great post Oscar!

    • Hi Sonia,
      This is your first comment on this blog, and I must say, it’s a bomb shell. Thanks for finding time to contribute a great deal to this article.

  5. Thank you Oscar Frank for sharing this, but: The use of pinterest is what harden me, in fact i don’t understand d concept and am missing out some nice traffis from the social network.

    • With consistent time of usage, you would quite understand pinterest. It looks weird to people using them for the first time. Anyway, for the second section you asked about, if you do not promote your blog on social networking sites, then you have lost lots of traffic, but you can start using them today.

  6. wow, aha now, am going to start implementing your strategy and see how it will work for me, if there is anything i learn here, it is how to use long commenting to drive traffic to my blog, and i just visited your site aha now and lets see what am going to learn.

  7. very nice post . Can u give me some tips on how to promote our blog on facebook to drive massive traffic ???

    • Facebook is a cool place to get traffic, try connecting with other people who are in your Niche. Join Blogging groups, this goes a long way in driving traffic I can assure you.

  8. I must say that this is practically one of the best piece of article I have read so far on generating quality traffic to a site , most especially now that google is focusing on local search results . I’m definitely gonna implement your tips asap

  9. Social media is a very nice source of traffic (and if you’ve good title then you can drive more traffic from social media)

    You can also engage with people by sharing useful stuff.

  10. Nice… Informative… Excellent… Only few people are opportuned to read this useful posts and i am glad to be among them. Thanks oscar bro.. I really appreciate.

  11. This is highly informative.
    Talking about social media, facebook has always been 2nd source of traffic apart from search engines. Have not gotten any traffic from twitter,pinterest or even linkedin which I believe will change soon.
    For forum posting, I can vouch for that. Being a member and admin in some forums I have seen and practiced it and result was massive.
    Blog commenting is what we all are doing here and you can see the relationship its building among bloggers.
    Oscar thanks for sharing.

    • Forums as you have said are great places to promote your blog if done rightly. I’m glad you are on person who knows the power of forums in this context. Thanks for finding time to share with us.

  12. Oscar thanks for that post,it is very help for me as a new person to blogging,but i have a question pls,how to i put my article headline when i finish comment on any blog,

  13. Oscar thanks for that post,it is very help for me as a new person to blogging,but i have a question pls,how to i put my article headline when i finish comment on any blog,am waiting for your answer.

    • Hi MubiTech, to put in your last blog post headline in comments, you need to leave your comments via pc, and it would be automatically added. It is powered by the CommentLuv plugin. I hope you understand and thanks for dropping by.

  14. first oscar i will like to say a big thank you to you for write such an informative article like this one, but am sorry to say bro there is something i expected to see in this post which is email subscriber’s list. i believe a blog can survive without google once that blog has a huge number of active email subscribers so i will say email building is another great way to get traffic to your blog without google or social networks. so as a blogger you should focus in building your email list
    thanks for this informative piece of article i hope to read more next time thanks oscar

  15. great post you really mentioned all the basic ways of getting traffic to our blog but social media traffic don’t add much activities to my blog, in fact i am really working hard to get more traffic from search engines because you can easily convert traffic from search engines than social media and important one is blog commenting

  16. Thanks oscar, i was unaware of this part 1. stumble upon the part two of this article and i decided to come over to read the part 1 first, thanks very much. i learn something. Keep it up.

  17. Wow so glad i landed on this page after several search for a blog like this again.
    I really love dis post and would commend your effort. After starting a blog i did have a low traffic but after implementing these tips “writing tech post,backward headlines,and blog commenting i have since seen quick improvement on my alexa rank
    in addition to social media sites, i would recommend stumbleupon and digg it, as these help me so much.. One other method i use is creating youtube videos, as many readers would love to come back after watching an interesting video.(make sure you upload the videos yourself) please how do i guest post here?

  18. Addition to wat was posted above about how to get traffick.
    Be creative
    Be diff frm ur competition
    Practise web directories
    Organic traffic for free
    Practise article marketing
    Answer yahoo answers .
    Thank me later after practising those things I wrote .


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