Obviously, iTunes is one of the topmost music software tools out there. But this tool can only be used by Apple users. If you are an Android user and want to know how to transfer iTunes music to android mobiles then proceed below you can find its procedure.

How to Download iTunes Music to Your Android Device

We will guide you through different means of achieving this with the subheadings below.

Transferring Music from iTunes to Android Mobiles via USB Cable Manually

Here’s how to easily transfer your iTunes music from your Mac down to your Android device using a USB Cable.

  • Locate iTunes media folder file location on your computer.
  • You can now connect the Android mobile with your Mac using the Android File Transfer Mac app or connect as an external hard disk.
  • Once the connection has been made, you can now drag and drop or Copy+Paste the songs to your Android device. This is a very simple step to transfer iTunes playlist to android.

Transferring Music from iTunes to Android Mobiles via Apple Music

Here’s a quick step to transferring music from iTunes to your Android smartphone using the official Apple Music app.

  • Visit the Google play store and install the apple music app on your android mobile.
  • There, you have to click the trial offer option and then you can make use of it.
  • After that, you have to choose the subscription that you are comfortable with.
  • Then you must enter your official apple ID and apple password.
  • After the trail offer gets complete, you can choose your suitable plan according to your major need (Your music would be synced across devices).

Transferring Music from iTunes to Android Mobiles via Google Play Music

  • Visit the Google play store at first and then go to the ‘My Music’ tab to proceed further
  • Select the ‘Listen Now’ tab for downloading the music manager.
  • After that, you have to choose the upload songs to the Google play and then click next.
  • Check if your iTunes library has been scanned or not. The time when the Android mobile is completed then re-sync the Android mobile via Google play music to move the files.

Transferring Music from iTunes to Android Mobiles via dr.fone- Transfer

There’s an app to help you do this, here we show you how to transfer mp3s using Dr.Fone

  • Launch the dr.fone – transfer.
  • After that, you have to connect your android device to your computer.
  • Select “transfer iTunes media to device” option.
  • You have to choose all the library or else choose the particular files that you are in need to move iTunes music to Android.
  • Then click transfer option.

Other five software tools to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Mobiles

Here are some other great options to easily transfer mp3s and music from iTunes up to your Android device.

  • Sync iTunes to Android – Pro
  • DoubleTwist
  • Samsung Smart Switch
  • SHAREit: File Sharing and File Transfer
  • iSyncr for iTunes to Android

There you have it. The several ways one can easily transfer iTunes music down to your Android device.

Do you know of any other methods that might not be listed in this article? Feel free to let us know using the comment section below as we’d love to hear from you.


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