Many people are so confused when it comes to TV vs Projector, which one is better. The truth about this matter is different people have what they prefer or like. As a result, we want to compare TVs and projectors. The producers of these two products are inventing new models on the market that come with different spectacular features such as types of panels, curved screens, 4k resolution or different HDR standards.

There are a lot of people who are going to tell you they prefer projectors to TVs. While for some they prefer projectors over TVs because of its big screen that provides better visual quality.   

Projectors vs Tvs for Home Entertainment

Projectors have their own sensation they stir up in their viewers such as making the play of video games or movie watching interesting. Apart from this, it produces a theater sensation in the home. There’s no way you will compare a Panasonic TV with 720p resolution with projectors. You can imagine watching an episodic movie on a projector and the kind and the feel you will get.  Let’s see between TVs vs Projectors, which is better for your entertainment.      

Pros & Cons while Choosing Between TVs vs Projectors

The evaluation of the advantages and the disadvantages of TVs compared to projectors make it obvious that it is only one area the projectors are better than TVs.  Here TVs win by a landslide and the thumbs up favour TVs, which is more accessible and becoming exciting with every new model. A 52-inch Smart TV having a 4k resolution and HDR support would come with a big screen still it can give us a quality image.

In the aspect of TV, 65-inch TVs comes with a huge price and most people can’t afford to pay such amount of money for these sets. This is where the projectors have an advantage over TVs because a projector that’s having a 4k view can come in at a more affordable price than those TVs that have a large screen and good image quality. The comparisons between TVs vs Projectors over which one is better would be split into different categories as we proceed below.

Arguments for TVs vs Projectors


Without any iota of doubt, it is so clear that projectors are bigger than TVs. With a good projector, one can get up to 300 diagonal inches if there’s a wall that can fit into the screen, while TVs can’t exceed above 75” or 85”, and you know the prices for these TV inches will be outrageous.

Winner: Projector


For us to watch a movie on projectors, we have to be in a dark room. If you want to watch anything on a projector, brightness is the main thing that you have to consider before any other thing. The present TVs panel offers unique luminance that can’t be compared to normal projectors, even the ones that were bought at a high price. Recently, projectors are being built with environmental rejection screens that can allow you to watch any movies of your choice even in places that are not dark.

Winner: TV


This has to do with the combination of the management of the black levels and brightness. The projectors become inferior when it is being placed side by side with TV because they need a dark room. The OLED panels of TVs offer pure black.

Winner: TV


Both projectors and TVs would have the same resolution. A projector that offers 4k resolutions will come with a huge price, the same goes for TVs that have a 4k image quality. Based on this we can say that for us to have a better resolution for the two of them we need to have a large sum of money.

 Winner: Tie

Color management

The projectors have attained an actual amazing color management based on the technology that has been used, but TVs have advanced faster and more powerful when it comes to color management, especially with the improved HDR trend that allows the active contrast to make images on the screen more appealing.



You can install TVs within a few minutes except you want them to hang on your wall or you want to make sure people don’t get to see the cables that are connected to the TV.  This is not the same as projectors, because installing a projector can be burdensome because you have to hang them well.


Sound Quality

Most Projectors don’t come with audio speakers; their primary aim has always been to showcase the image without further issue. While televisions have been integrated with good speakers that can be extended if the TV user wishes to take a step further.



Most TVs are having some apps that have been installed in them and this has made them become “smart TV”. While projectors don’t have this option that makes a TV a smart TV. For instance, some TVs come with webOS.

Winner: TV

The Cinema Experience

The viewing experience that the projectors offer is better than TVs. When you are watching a movie on a projector, it gives you a cinematic experience and that shows the difference between viewers of TV and projector. This is what makes projectors a better option than TVs when it has to do with cinema experience. A good TV can also offer the same cinematic feel but projectors have an advantage over TVs.

Winner: Projector

As can be clearly seen, the TV packs more advantages over the projector when it comes to most aspects. But every once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to have that Cinema experience in your home. Have you thought of setting up a cinema room for home entertainment? Then stick to the Projector for such projects.

I’ll love to hear your opinions on this subject. Let me know what you think.


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