In a news digest released by Techppoint. Twitter is yet taking a marketing decision that it hopes will add value to its services and will be beneficial to its millions of users. 

This is to say that, Twitter is considering bringing the ‘undo tweet’ highlight to the application. Figure out Jane Manchun Wong shared screen captures of this, so we ought to expect the element soon.

Twitter Bakal Hadirkan Fitur Undo Tweet tapi...

She’s attached to finding covered-up highlights, She additionally hinted that a membership plan is coming soon, and the Undo tweet catch might be accessible for only subscribed users.

More about the “undo tweet  feature”

Prior to this, she shared a GIF showing that the ‘Undo tweet’ catch will be time-bound.  It is anything but an edit or correction button, however, most people are of the opinion  that it’s superior to nothing.

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It would appear that the feature will be like the edit button on Gmail that allows you to affirm that you didn’t spell “You’re not kidding”,”  rather than your….”  in addition to other things. 


Let’s not overlook the fact that Twitter is drawing nearer and nearer to introducing a membership model. In February 2021, we saw another obvious component, ‘Super Follow’, which permits you to get paid for tweeting. 

Everything looks OK

Twitter continues to update users with various updates. While attempting to utilize its local string highlight, you could be reminded about the Twitter Revue News letter acquisition.

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For now, users are eagerly waiting and anticipating these new releases, perhaps some new features may push people to subscribe to Twitter, looks weird? Things are changing and Twitter also wants to make a profit from their Services. Tech world is indeed striving at higher levels.


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