Being at the top in banking technology in Africa has many parts to it. UBA Africa foremost bank has invested a lot in financial technology, its aim to bring modern-day banking closer to its customer eliminating all the forms of stress that accompanied banking in the olden days.

The most popular component of UBA’s financial technology is their magic banking, a service which allows UBA customers to transfer money, check account balance and pay bills from the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones.

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In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to use UBA Bank Mobile money service to transfer money and check your account balance. I will also be discussing the benefits of using the UBA Bank mobile money service.

Benefits Of UBA Bank Mobile Money Transfer

With UBA mobile money transfer, you can perform the majority of bank transactions using your mobile phone via a special USSD code provided by UBA. With UBA mobile money, you can transfer money from your banks to other banks, check your account balance, pay bills e.t.c from the comfort of your home.
It is a very quick and easy use, it can be used on any mobile phone, you don’t need an internet connection and you can make bank transfer 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.
The UBA mobile money is also a very secure service before you can make transactions, you are prompted to input a pin.

How To Transfer Money Using UBA Bank USSD Transfer Code

Making use of UBA bank mobile money service is as easy as selecting options, basic knowledge on how to make use of your mobile phone dial pad will enable you to use this mobile money feature.
Before you can begin to use this service, you must register on the service and set up a special pin that will be able to secure your account on the service.

Registering On The UBA Mobile Money Service

To Register, on this service simply,

  • Dial *919#

How To Transfer Money Using UBA Mobile Money Transfer to UBA Accounts

To Transfer money from one UBA Bank account to other Accounts

  • Dial *919*3#

How To Transfer from UBA to Other Banks

To transfer money from UBA account to another bank account, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Simply dial *919#, then select “5” to make a transfer from the selection
  2. Choose a payment method (Select 1 for UBA Account and 2 for UBA Prepaid card)
  3. You can follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

NB: You might register your line to be able to do this.

How To Check Account Balance Using UBA Bank USSD

To check your UBA account balance, using UBA USSD,

  • Dial *919*32#

This procedure, if followed to the letter will make UBA mobile money transfers very easy. You can now perform basic UBA bank transactions without having to visit any UBA bank branch.

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