Uber is a one of a kind platform that specializes in bringing drivers and riders together. Uber is readily available with an affordable, safe and dependable means of transport whether you are a businessman, a lady going out for a fun time with friends, or an old woman looking for a ride home. In this article, we are going to be exploring in details Uber car requirements in Abuja Nigeria.

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Before we dive into details proper, here is a brief history of Uber Nigeria: 4 years ago, The company began in July, Uber Nigeria started to operations began operations, and since then it has continued to wax stronger in activities. Nigerians used to be always dependent on taxis, private vehicles, buses, and the popular Okada to transport themselves everywhere, and with this, came to a lot of discomforts, disagreements, and lack of adequate service. Uber is changing all that by delivering the exact opposite – Comfort, consensus, proper and quality transport service.

UBER Car Requirements

  1.  The model year 2000 or newer
  2. 4-door car
  3. Excellent condition with no cosmetic damage
  4.  A working radio

Your Paperwork Requirements

1. Vehicle inspection report
2. Vehicle insurance
3. Roadworthiness certificate

Want To Drive For Uber?

What is Uber without its drivers? They are as important as the customers. Uber drivers are not regular drivers though. There is a standard that comes with this privilege. Some of them are, a partner profile drivers have to create. This can be done by visiting partners.uber.com. Upon success, you would be eligible to carry out any of the required steps for UberAbuja. Account creation allows you to partake in other introductory set-ups. Setups like:

1 Set Up Bank Details: Bank account details should be provided (they only accept current account.) at vault.uber.com

2 Set Up Vehicle: Add your vehicle(s) type (s) and upload relevant documents like Valid Driver’s License, Hackney Permit Vehicle License, Comprehensive vehicle insurance including third party and passenger liability insurance (check http://compareinsurance.com.ng/uber for approved policies), Certificate of Ownership, Certificate of roadworthiness – (Purchase Invoice should be included if vehicle is brand new.), Tint Permit (if car is tinted) and Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Screening Test for Drivers

As expected, the screening test has to be done. As a driver, you might be used to the regular background checks, but you will also face a psychometric analysis Read more here (http://www.ubernigeria.com/faq/) to work with Uber. The company stated that the test is made compulsory to be used by other leading global organizations and to prevent and eradicate any likelihood of bad behavior. The test will not be done twice as you have just one try. The driver’s integrity, truth score, acuity, honesty, and character will be ascertained via the test once you are done. Problematic drivers that cant help but get in trouble can stay better away.

The venue is Ventures Platform, 29 Mambilla street, off Aso drive. Former US Embassy, Abuja

Info For New Partners

Uber Abuja Partners hold their session on Mondays at 12:30 pm or Wednesdays and Fridays at Regus, Rivers House, 4th Floor, Building 11, Plot 83, Ralph Shodehinde Street, Central Business District, Opposite Ministry of Finance, Abuja.

Vehicle Inspection

To be confident of the safety of your vehicle and ensure that there is no potential threat to passengers’ life, all new Uber partners/drivers have to apply for a vehicle inspection. The inspection is supposed to be carried out by a company Uber trusts, VisaCover. This site http://vehicleinspections.acuityscheduling.com/ can be visited to book an appointment.

Venues for inspection include:
Total Service Station: Shehu Shagari Way, by Ribadu Diko Junction, Asokoro
Total Service Station: Herbert Macaulay way, Wuse, Zone 5 Opposite.
Landmark: Sky Memorial Plaza Abuja.

Register For An Onboarding Session

The next process to follow is to register for an onboarding session. You can do that at the site provided here http://ubernigeria.com/calendar. This onboarding process will help wrap up all arrangements and employ drivers to the platform.

Want A Driver To Drive For You?

If you are not interested in driving, then you can also sign up for this. Here, drivers can secure connection with partners who have no plans to drive but need others to drive using their cars. Every Uber Abuja partner will have to do their final screening.

Matchmaking is possible online or offline.
Location for online matchmaking: Ventures Platform, 29 Mambilla street, off Aso drive. Former US Embassy. Monday to Thursday at 4:30 pm prompt! No need for booking.
Location for offline matchmaking: Uber Abuja Partners (vehicle owners) can list their vehicle leasing or rental deals on our UberFinder site: uber-finder.com. Drivers will visit this site as well and fill in their details. Please note that only registered drivers are allowed to apply.

Uber agreed to launch in another Nigerian city where they can find a more promising set of users who would need their service – and as expected, Abuja got picked, being the capital city of Nigeria. Residents in Abuja will no longer hang around the street waiting for any means of transport to hide away from the sun as Uber has got them covered.

All they are required to do now is download the Uber app (you can do that here http://www.uberkit.net/blog/how-and-where-to-download-the-uber-driver-app/) and signup. Pickup and drop-off information and the details of your driver will be forwarded to you immediately. You can relax and wait for them to arrive, or you can schedule your ride in advance by using the app Kommen (http://www.trykommen.com/).

As mentioned earlier, requirements listed in this article should be met, before applying to join the uber service Abuja.

If you have other questions, concerning Uber Nigeria car requirements for Abuja, do let us know in the comment box below.


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