Earlier, people used to be uncertain about the process of shopping online but since the influx of various e-commerce solutions websites coming up on the Internet, people have started to prefer online shopping more. This has led to a growing number of consumers opting for shopping online rather than doing traditional shopping.

Due to this, competition has increased to the next level for all the e-commerce solutions providing companies. The question remains of how to stay within the competition and provide solutions that are displayed in a great way by e-commerce web development sites.

Here, seven tips are given that can modernise the SEO and help any e-commerce solutions company to enhance its operations.

One of the most important things to consider when creating an interactive and engaging e-commerce web development site is to ensure the way in which one can stay on top of the relevant search results.

It is essential to engage the visitors in such a way that they will come back to visit one’s website to get more e-commerce solutions. Some points to be considered to increase the conversion rate of one’s website are given below.

1. The site should look appealing to visitors so one should get their site designed by a reputed e-commerce solutions firm.

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2. Interactive elements need to be added to the site which will help in getting more number of consumers to visit the website.

3. The site should have gamification that will let users to add reviews, earn points, take part in forums, start groups, use Wiki and other such tools.

4. The loading time for the pages of the site needs to be low. You would love to know how to speed up your website.

5. Users shouldn’t get distracted by too many choices available on the site.

6. The processes such as sign up or making purchases should be easy and not have too many steps.

7. Check out Google’s Panda

The one thing that almost all the e-commerce sites are susceptible to are the updates from Google Panda. It is very content-centric which perceives the Web as a place full of blogs, videos and content for entertainment and providing information.

Basically, Panda aims at those e-commerce software solution sites that are not providing any solutions and are directing its attention more towards advertising. The e-commerce sites can avoid this by following the few points given below.

  • Avoid using template product descriptions and ensure that every product has unique content.
  • Non-index the product pages and focus more on creating unique category pages.
  • Start a blog on the site which is a good way to attract traffic on the site and build customer retention.
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  • Don’t Use Lots of Keywords

It is essential to add keywords on webpages to increase the rank of that page in the search engines but care needs to be taken to not use them excessively. On adding keywords into the title, description, content, Alt tag and while interlinking webpages tends to signify that the site is made for search engines and not users. It is preferable to add a keyword in the title tag but it need not be added in subheadings and the actual content.

  • Opt for Mobile

Most e-commerce sites are opting for mobile-based sessions so it is preferable to get a mobile-based site that can increase the number of customers visiting one’s website. This eCommerce solution can largely affect your rankings and interactivity among the niche crowd.

Apart from the above tips, one must also prefer Content Marketing. The search engines look for sites that have content rather than just displaying commercial results. Apart from that, most consumers also search for sites that display content and this is the basic reason for them to use search engines. So, ensure that the site contains lots of content that can increase the number of consumers visiting the site.

To Sum It All Up

The site should not only be Panda friendly but also have great content that can be shared and help in increasing the referral traffic. The content-centric sites have far less competition as compared to commercial-centric sites. So, it is great to create content that can build strong relationships with customers, increase exposure and help in improving reputation.

When creating a website, one should ensure that it stays content-centric rather than becoming commercial-centric and help in increasing the visitors for the site. Hope you enjoyed reading the eCommerce solutions tips for SEO of businesses. How about posting your views about the same? Do comment!


  1. The problem with ecom websites is the fact that there can’t be too much of content.Because too much content on shopping sites confuse the users unless it is something really specific like a review or specification.Keeping this in mind, the content marketing scope shrinks a little.

  2. Joe, you are absolutely correct there. However, I intend to look it in another way. Why can’t you have a good enough product description on your website? Or Maybe have editorial comments/reviews right there on the product page. That should serve as a good SEO practice and help the buyers decide as well!

  3. Suraj, thanks for sharing these tips about SEO of an e commerce site. These tips will be helpful for improving the visibility of an e commerce site, generally an e commerce site contains a lot of content, which is dynamically loaded into the webpage therefore on page SEO is, a bit difficult in E commerce sites.


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