Not so long ago, Nigerian bloggers and internet gurus found a new source of pulling traffic to their blogs, events and campaigns as well, and this method is “Running Adverts On Facebook”.

This new method has been working perfectly because I too run facebook ads, and I can testify. There is a problem most bloggers face, and it’s “getting their fb ads account flagged”.

What Does It Mean For Your Ads Account To Be Flagged

The above photo is a screenshot of the error message you’ll get if your account is flagged. Facebook disables your ads account, you will no longer be able to advertise with facebook.

When your ads account is flagged, you can’t use your card on another facebook account. This has been a serious problem most bloggers face.

Here is this post, I’ll give you a tip to unflagging your flagged facebook account, but before then, let me tell a story of some people’s experience that led to unflagging of thier accounts.

Sometime ago Nigeria facebook ads lord (Donvin) complained of facebook flagging his ads account, he quickly headed of to creating a new account and using a new card to run ads on the new account. Now his main facebook account that was flagged by facebook was then blocked and he was unable to access it any more, he was asked to submit a government issued ID card, and when he did, facebook restored his account alongside with his ads account.

(Gbolagade) a friend of mine on facebook also got his account blocked, and after he sent his ID card and got back his account, facebook also released his flagged account.

So it’s obvious that if your facebook account is blocked, after they release it, your flagged account will be back. If your ads account is flagged, you should now be looking for how to get your facebook account temporally locked.

How Do I Get My Facebook Account Temporally Locked?

Sometime ago, I guess it was last two years, I carried out an experiment on how I could automatically share on groups via email using the groups ID, after I tried it, it worked, and I decided to write a post on it, then, I shared another post to the group via same method, guess what? My facebook account was blocked, and asked me to verify my friends photo’s or submit a government issued ID, unfortunately, I was unable to verify my friends photo’s and I also didn’t have any ID card, that was how I lost my first facebook account.?

Now just in some days after my account was blocked, I started getting messages from people that facebook blocked their account because of my trick on posting on multi groups at once.

Now I think this trick will come handy when you need your account to be temporally blocked. Click Here to read the post on how to post on multi groups at once, this will make facebook block your account, and you’ll have to verify your account via government issued ID card.

Good Luck!


This post is only for educational purpose, and nothing more, if anything happens to your account, flowintechblog and Larry Frank will not be held responsible for any damage.


  1. To blog a facebook account. I think u can also do that by auto inviting all ur fb friends to ur fb groups and auto inviting all ur friends to like ur facebook page using some kind of plugins.

  2. Hello Franky!

    Really sad for your fb account loss. You know at times, mistakes gets us to learn and have lasting memory of things we relatively woundnt have known on normal circumstances.

    Actually i’ve never had any of my pages flagged but its really good to know there are indeed rules not meant to be broken while running them. And above all a quick solution to retrieving them in case of…

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences.

    Uche Francis!

  3. thanks for sharing. But the trick is no more working. They unblocked me now but my ads acct is still under their costudy.

  4. Bro the steps is no longer working again. Any new trick to go about it? Please your urgent reply would be appreciated. Thanks. Nice and lovely blog.


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