Union bank is promising it’s customers a smarter banking with its top of the line mobile banking system, a system that allows union bank customers to carry out the majority of their basic banking transactions all from their mobile phones using a simple money transfer code.

This bank transaction includes inter and intra transferring of funds, paying bills, keeping track of account balance, paying bills and a lot more via the Union Bank Money Transfer USSD Code.

Union bank

In this article, I am going to be discussing the aspect of this service that deals with transferring money and checking of your union bank account balance, using your mobile phone.

Benefits Of Union Bank Mobile Money Transfer

With union bank mobile banking, you have the liberty to carry out most bank transactions on your mobile phones without breaking a sweat. In addition to this awesome service, union bank also gives it’s customers the ability to create an authentication PIN that will secure their mobile bank transactions.

  • Fund Transfer can be carried out without going to the ATM
  • You can transfer money directly from your mobile phone
  • The whole process is secured with a special PIN
  • This service runs 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week
  • No need for any internet connection
  • This service works on all mobile phones
  • You can transfer up to 200,000 Naira per day
  • Instant notification after every transaction

How To Transfer Money Using Union USSD Transfer Code

Union bank mobile banking service simplifies banking in all ramifications, all it requires from you is to dial the right USSD codes on your mobile phone.
Because union mobile baking service involves your hard end cash, you are required to create an authentication PIN for security. You are required to input this PIN when carry out any transaction.

Creating Union bank Mobile Money PIN

If you desire to create Union bank mobile money PIN, follow the steps below;

  • Dial *826*5#
  • Follow screen prompts

How To Transfer Funds Between Two Union Bank Accounts

  • Dial *826*1*amount*account number#
  • Follow screen Prompts

How To Transfer Funds From Union Bank To Other Banks

  • Dial *826*2*amount*account number#
  • Follow screen Prompts

Note: Transferring from funds between two union bank accounts is totally free. But transferring funds from Union bank to other banks will attract a service free of 52 naira with value-added tax included.

How To Check Union Bank Account Balance

  • Text Bal to 20123

Follow this guide completely and you will be able to use the union bank mobile banking service to carry out your daily bank transactions without stress.

Hope you did find this guide on how to transfer fund from Union bank to Union bank account holders and also to other banks using the Union Bank Money Transfer Code helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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