If you place importance on your background and the option to have 3D, then UR Launcher may be the launcher for you. It is a simple launcher offering basically just that 3D themes and backgrounds.

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Currently they offer 14 live themes, but this number is always growing. The themes range from zombies and cars to romantic dates under the Eiffel tower and love hearts, so there’s a variety for men and women as well as teens and children too. Within each background, users have the option to add their own personalized text and photos to make it even more customizable.

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UR Launcher is a launcher for all ages with its simplicity and 3D theme choices, and if you don’t enjoy 3D backgrounds, there are plenty of 2D backgrounds to choose from.

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Aside from the 3D themes, UR Launcher offers a side bar that contains your most recently used apps. This is convenient to get to your most important apps quickly. There is also a box with recommended trending apps, so you can discover something new.

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UR Launcher has exciting updates in the future. In the next update, it will be compatible with all existing Google Play Store icon packs. And more importantly the new UR Moods will be released. UR moods will learn your schedule and understand where you are, and with this, recommend apps you are most likely to use. For example, UR Work will appear when you are at work and recommend your most popular work apps. Other Moods include UR Weekend and UR Going Out, among others.

You can DOWNLOAD THE UR LUNCHER FOR ANDROID HERE. Also see some screenshots below:



More Screenshots:

Try this one and see the difference.



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