Don’t you have a modem?
Have your modem been difficult to unlock?
Do you have an Android device?

If yes, then i bring you good news, you can now use your Android Device as a modem.
Let’s Go
+. PC
+. Android phone
+. USB
+. Pdanet, download link is below
*. Junefabrics, downloading link is below.

Follow The Below Steps To Get Started
*. Now launch the android market by Clicking here and after the loading page just search for an app called Pdanet, download and install it.
*. Now Open your firfox in your PC, in the adress bar type in then download and install junefabrics which works with the above app
*. Now you are with your your android device just enter the menu key and then Select Settings=> Applications=> Development. Then search for written text which says Usb debugging in a given box then the alert box appears click on OK.
*. Just connect your android using a USB to your PC.
*. After that just run the pdanet app on your device and select and enable usb tether option.The app will confirm you have downloaded and installed junefabrics app too.
*. Now verify the connection the app, you will promoted to know that it is running as a background app on your device.
*. Then on the system tray,you will see the pdanet icon (it’s a rectangular box that has a phone look alike). Just know the look and see the magic works.
*. You are almost through but wait a little more two step but now just Right-click it and select connect from the pop-up menu that appears on your screen.
*. Now the pdanet PC program (junefabric) will eventually pop-up a connection confirmation and a desktop notification should appear informing you that the Pdanet modem is up and running.
Good News You Are Done.



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