For several years, Apple has attempted to replace your laptop with an iPad. For some people, the replacement has been successful, for others, the iPad not having more intense PC-like features like mouse support, external storage and better multitasking have stopped that from happening.

After the release of iPadOS, we have witnessed a change. Apple now possesses a dedicated OS for its most recent tab lineup, and they come with fresh features and capabilities that have transformed iPad into complete PCs. Apple also unveiled iOS 13 for the iPhone and iPod touch, but there are lots of feature overlaps between iOS and iPad. When you update your iPad to iPadOS, you will have access to fresh tools that will give you the PC experience

ways your iPad could replace your laptop

1. Gestures

Operating your iPad can be difficult sometimes. In iPadOS, Apple has included various fresh multitasking gestures that will help you do things like use several apps simultaneously, quickly switch between apps, resize apps and so on. There are around sixteen different gestures you will appreciate here.

2. Multi-Window Apps

When you get used to gestures, the next thing you must know is the applications that can be used in multiple windows. Just like when you have 2 or 3 difference Chrome windows open on your computer or Mac, it can now be done on the iPad with apps that support iPadOS.

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On your iPad Pro, you can use the Safari app with multiple windows. Meaning, you can use Mail and Safari side-by-side in split-view, and then have Safari launched on its own, with various tabs, at exactly the same time you have Apple Notes and Safari close to each other in a different window.

There are a lot of ways to launch an app in multiple windows, but the simplest way is to drag and drop an application’s icon onto another app.

3. Safari

Still on the topic on ways your iPad could replace your laptop. iPadOS gives you access to a desktop-class version of Safari. This is huge and will aid you to use sites like Google Docs or WordPress on the iPad.

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This also means that your sites will load quicker, and rather than viewing mobile sites designed for use on a device, you will view the desktop version of the websites by default. This Safari is also home to a dedicated download manager, site-specific settings, and other features that will aid the management of open tabs.

4. You Can Use External Storage

The Files application in iPadOS 13 (and iOS 13, specifically) will display files and documents saved on an external storage device. Therefore, you will be able to connect devices like a USB thumb drive, SSD, or external hard drive to your iPad, launch the Files app, and move documents as you do on a PC.

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However, to do that, an adapter is required. The latest iPad Pro comes with a USB-C connector for charging and accessories even if the remaining iPad lineup still uses Lightning ports.

5. Mouse

Apple included mouse support in iPadOS and it is quite effective. Users will be able to connect a wired or Bluetooth mouse to their iPads and use it to choose, highlight, and navigate it – like it is done on a laptop.

You will have to activate AssistiveTouch for your iPad and mouse to work together. To get this done, head to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch and enable it.

Get your wired mouse connected to the iPad with the adapters we wrote about or get a Bluetooth mouse paired to the iPad Pro by heading to Settings > Accessibility > Touch> AssistiveTouch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices and adhering to the instructions.

Under “Devices,” you will be able to personalize how the mouse works with iPadOS. You can add setting custom actions for buttons as well. Plus, “Pointer Style” is available to let you customize the look of the mouse pointer used on your iPad. It is useful if you want to adjust the size, color and how long it will take before autohiding takes place.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 best ways your iPad could replace your laptop. If you have any contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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