The truth remains that as at time of this post, Android rules the mobile world. In-fact, there isn’t an app you think of and you would not find in the android OS, and of course this has left millions of mobile users with no option than to love the operating system the more.

best android apps

I know there are loads of apps you can download from the Play Store and trying to point out the top5 in your list would really get you confused. Right?

I would really love it if you can let us know the top 5 android apps you can’t live without on your android smartphone, phablet or tablet.

Please do let us know using the comment box below. Thanks as I’ll be waiting.  🙂


  1. Hi Oscar,
    You are right. Android actually rules the mobile world and that’s the reason I stick my Tecno F8. Anyway, I can’t do without the following android apps.
    – WhatsApp
    – BBM
    – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – VLC Beta player

  2. As a Geeky type, though I love the social media also, here is my list of most loved android apps.
    1. Flipboard
    2. Google Chrome
    3. VLC
    4. ES File Explorer
    5. PDF Reader
    And that’s it. I’m done with these. 🙂


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