You must have at one point or the other come accross 404 HTTP Not Found Error while surfing the web.

404 Not Found is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not locate the webpage or document requested.


Here are some forms this Error Occurs.


  • 404 Error
  • 404 Not Found


Error 404

  • The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server.
  • HTTP 404
  • Error 404 Not Found
  • 404 File or Directory Not Found
  • HTTP 404 Not Found
  • 404 Page Not Found



What Causes HTTP 404 Not Found Error

The 404 error is usually a client-side error caused by a mistake in the spelling of the URL by the user.

It can also appear when the webpage or file has been moved or removed by the webmaster.

How to Fix Error 404 Not Found

  1. Try Reloading the Page by Pressing F5 on your webrowser.
  2. Check your URL if you typed the address wrongly.
  3. Search for the page at a popular search engine such as Google or Bing. It’s possible that you simply have the entirely wrong URL.
  4. Try clearing your browser’s cache if you have any indication that the 404 Not Found message might just be from your web browser.
  5. If after all this, still you get the error, contact the webmaster for a link to where the webpage was moved.

I hope this helps.


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