This is a kind of continuation from my last post about the definition or what a computer is.

Here, I would be explaining to you all about what a computer network looks like or what is a computer system network.
what is a computer network

A computer network is simply referred to as a collection of computers and other hardware components interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

Here are the various types of computer networks:

Personal (PAN): It is used to connect a compuuter and different information devices close to one person.

Local Area Network (LAN): This type of network is usuallyused to connect computers and devices in a specific geographic place such as a home

Wide Area Network(WAN): It similar to the LAN, only that it is used over longer distances than the LAN

Other types of computer networks include

Campus (CAN)
Metropolitan (MAN)
Near field (NFC)
Near-me (NAN)
Body (BAN)Internet
Interplanetary Internet

Now you have a glimpse of what a computer network is all about.


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