I guess you are new to blogging, and you are reading this post to know what is blogging and what a blog is all about. Here on this article, i’ll explain the differences between a blog and blogging. Let me start by explaining what a blog is before we move on to explaining blogging.

what is a blog
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What is A Blog?

In reality, the word Blog is derived from the conjunction of two these words Web and Log (weBLOG). A Blog is a kind of website or part of a website usually controlled by an individual with description of events or tutorials which may also include videos. Most blogs allow their visitors and people who visit their site to comment on articles written by the blog owners or authors. Usually, the persons writes articles which are in his/her area of interest, and this is referred to as a Niche. One particular feature of a blog is that it focuses on a particular niche or topic of the owners interest. All blogs have a few things in common which I want to list out.

1. All blogs usually have archives.
2. Content of a blog are chronologically listed articles from newest to oldest.
3. Blogs have RSS Feeds.
4. Comment box after each post where visitors can leave comments.
5. Each blog entry has date, title, body, post etc.

Now, let’s go to the next subtopic which is explaining blogging

What is Blogging?

Therefore, blogging is a system where a passionate writer creates or builds a blog(web log) on a particular niche or topic of his/her interest for the world to see his/her view on that topic. Blogging in recent times can earn you cool cash over the internet if you can pull lots of traffic. There are series of free blog host on the internet that let you write what you are passionate about and still make money, but that will be discussed in a later post.

Now you know what a Blog is, and also what blogging is all about, why don’t you move on to designing a nice looking blog, pull the traffic and start earning money online with your blog.

I hope this helps.


  1. God day sir,i really enjoy your informations but my question is that how can i make cool money with all these information,the step to start.

  2. What a nice piece for beginners. My comment is directed to d first commenter. If u want to go into blogging, it is recommended u pretend as if it’s not possible to make money blogging, so u ave to out in all ur best to ave and build a blog for your audience, along the line the money making issue will set in


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