Though there has been a lot of entrant android smartphones in the mobile market this year ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S5 down to pretty cheap and affordable Tecno devices, most mobile users yet seem to settle down and go with a particular one for several reasons peculiar to them.

cheap android phones

These reasons could range from a particular device not really bagging all specs they actually wanted or for economic reasons, especially in this part of the world where almost everyone is in search of cheap android phones.

I actually have my reservations about using cheap android smartphones anyway, but I would love to know which android mobile phone in your opinion gives value for the money it’s sold at.

Come out point blank and list out the most affordable or cheap android devices you think gives value for the money in 2014 and you’ll to lay your hands on. I would love to read your list in the comments below.


  1. To me there are just too many cheap devices around that it becomes just too difficult to choose. Some even go to the extent of buying two devices just to enjoy all that they both have to offer, go back home with there money because of the all the options they have to pick from or at most request for an experts point of view.

    The cheap And affordable devices i would ever long for are no other than;
    Injoo i1
    Injoo i2
    Tecno H5
    opsson ivo 6655s
    Gionee M2.

    Thank you!

    • Those are quite feature filled affordable smartphones you mentioned. Talking about the confusion of choice when going to purchase an android phone, it’s normal especially in this saturated market. Thanks Uche for dropping by.


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