As an entry-level qualification, CompTIA A+ is designed to test the skills of computer PC technicians. It covers a wide range of computer system tasks such as installation, running and maintenance of personal computers and mobile devices as well as networking and protection of these devices from security threats.

CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is a certification that is so popular globally because it ascertains skills and competency in as far as system configuration, maintaining, running and troubleshooting of PC systems and mobile devices are concerned. When you are CompTIA A+ certified, you will stand out among the other individuals who are not certified or are certified by other bodies. CompTIA certification standards are very comprehensive and thorough and the end result is all-rounded professionals ready to offer their expertise in running and solving computer system related issues.

Why become CompTIA A+ certified?

Gateway to advanced IT certifications

CompTIA is an entry-level certification that can act as a basis for anyone who would wish to advance their careers in IT. If you have a desire to gain expert level skills in as far as CompTIA certifications are concerned, then this is the best place to begin.

Skilled workforce for employers

This certification offers employers the opportunity to have a pool of skilled workforce. This ensures that network systems are able to run efficiently. When systems run efficiently, an organization is able to meet the needs of their customers as well as save on costs.

Employment opportunities

CompTIA A+ certification makes you stand out with your credential above the others. Employers prefer A+ certified individuals because they know that they are skilled and competent enough in running networking systems. When you are certified, you are at an advantage of finding great IT related opportunities.

High earning potential

CompTIA A+ professionals find lucrative IT technician positions that can afford them good salaries. You can find job opportunities as a windows server administrator, IT support technician and network administrator that attract salaries of up to $66,263 per annum.

To become CompTIA certified you must pass CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams. These exams test your mastery of 9 skills regarding the effective running of a computer system. These skills include setting up and running of hardware and software systems, networking, installation of mobile devices, installation of Windows and other operating systems, hardware and software troubleshooting, system security and adhering to proper safety and environmental procedures.

CompTIA A+ exam format is as below:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Maximum of 90 questions
  • Multiple-choice multiple answers
  • Multiple-choice single answer
  • Drag and drop
  • Performance based
  • Passing score: 220-901 exam- 675/900

220-902 exam-700/900

Passing these CompTIA A+ exams require proper preparation. Training is highly recommended because you would understand the concepts better. Use of study guides and practice exams will go a long way in helping you to pass your exams. Make sure you have a study plan that works well for you.

Do you want to know how to pass your CompTIA A+ exams?

Use these tips:

Find a trainer

There are trainers already certified by CompTIA. You can sign up with them to access their courses. Some of these certified trainers are Cybrary, CBT Nuggets and many more. CompTIA also offers online, on-site and classroom-based training. The course training includes coaching, use of virtual labs and learning videos and practice exams.

Use study guides and practice exams

There are study guides like CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Certification Study Guides that you can make use of to prepare for your exam. There are also practice tests available for use. Thorough study and practice would be very helpful. Also, make sure you understand the objectives of the exam so that your study and practice are specific to those objectives. Most of all, avoid cramming or memorizing. Make sure you study and understand the application of each concept well.

Be confident

Confidence in what you are doing is a key thing. As the exam comes, make sure you are confident enough to face it. You can read all the study materials in the world and practice with every material you come across, but without confidence all that would be useless. You can only ace your exam if you are confident enough as you sit for it.

The other thing to remember about confidence is not to be overconfident. This will also be disastrous. Be confident, read through each question and understand the objective, and ensure you choose the correct answer.

I sat for my CompTIA A+ exams towards the end of last year and managed to pass. I know what really helped me to pass those exams. I started studying for the exam around 3 weeks to sitting for them. I found a trainer who helped me understand all the concepts and the objectives of the exam, used practice exams and study guides.

Using lab simulations also helped me a great deal. When the exam day came, I was in the testing center earlier than everybody because I wanted to relax my nerves a bit before the exams started. I finally sat for it and when the results came, I had passed them. I realized that proper preparation through training, study and practice is very crucial to passing any exam. Being confident as I did my exams was also very helpful. Passing an exam is all about understanding what you want, preparation and following instructions.

What are the best training courses for CompTIA A+ exams?

First of all, take video courses which refer to the exam you are going to take. The best websites are the official website of CompTIA, and CBTnuggets. They provide the most informative material necessary for you to know before taking the exam.

Are CompTIA A+ exam dumps are helpful?

Yes, they are. They are available online as downloads. You can have a look at sites like examcollection, testking, braindumps and examsnap for some of these practice tests. Ensure that they are up to date before using them. Use them together with your study guides and other practice tests.

There are other useful top web resources that you can use to prepare for your CompTIA A+ exams. I have listed them for you below:

Attaining CompTIA A+ certification follow thorough preparation. This certification means a lot to the ever changing world of IT. Getting certified gives you the wings to fly to greater heights of the IT world. Your options would be unlimited as you continue to use your skills in providing solutions of issues related to computer systems.


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