Yeah, Whatsapp is in the news again, but this time is not about a controversial privacy policy, this is more a marketing strategy, so what could this be?

Recall that on  On June 15, 2020, WhatsApp announced a brilliant new feature: the ability to carry out financial transactions via the platform, It launched the feature but quickly deprecated the feature no sooner than it began circulating in the News,  Now, it’s back, and hopefully now to stay with users eagerly awaiting the release date.

Whatsapp Payment Gateway Feature is Back

The launch was well-received as quite possibly the most advantageous approach to pay a companion, associate. At first, it was delivered in Brazil, with WhatsApp saying it wanted to carry the assistance out to more nations at the appointed time. 

The Story behind the Payment Feature

At that time, the feature was immediately suspended exactly seven days after the declaration by the Brazillian Central Bank, due to allegations of serious concerns –

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Brazil’s national bank felt that it very well may be harming to Brazilian banks and monetary innovation organizations and that there could be information security issues. 

The Innovative Feature is Thriving

The feature is unique in light of the fact that it would work, essentially, for such countless individuals.

Apple has a comparative service Apple Pay Cash, however, it just works between clients of Apple gadgets, though WhatsApp is normal to iPhone and Android gadgets. The range is astonishing: a large portion of Brazil’s 213 million populace are WhatsApp users. 

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Presently, the bank has taken out the square with the goal that clients can send each other cash utilizing Visa and Mastercard. 

The Challenge Back Then

WhatsApp wasn’t perceived as a monetary service provider in Brazil, nor did it need to be nevertheless administrative pressing factors implied it required its own monetary endorsement.

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At last, as announced by Reuters, WhatsApp looked for formal endorsement as a digital payment initiator and will utilize Visa; however, the underlying arrangement was that clients could make payments to businesses//organizations, whereas  WhatsApp was just allowed to actively make payment on a peer to peer individual basis.

Future Prospects and growth

Facebook, meanwhile, is attempting to look for endorsement to work with retail and 3rd party payment platforms, as well. No date has been set for the new definite release, however, a WhatsApp representative said it’s making last arrangements to make it accessible at the earliest opportunity. 

Not surprisingly  WhatsApp is as yet wanting to extend past Brazil, this could, in any case, be a genuine distinct advantage, with its greatest market, India, a probable target. It’s something that could basically influence digital payment for many people in the world.


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