Making money online is one major reason why most people out there blog and run websites. Infact that’s the major reason that keeps me going in running this blog. Despite that there are several ways to make money blogging, we still are confused on which of the ways we are to follow in order to make the most income out of our blogs.

reasons why I prefer affiliate programs to PPC

We all know that the leading ways are Pay Per Click (PPC) programs, Affiliate Marketing (Promoting other people’s product) and Direct Adverts, but I would say that more than 70% bloggers resort to PPC programs such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, and other Adsense Alternatives in order to make money online and fail to know exploit the other more important ways such as Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I’ll show you several reasons why you need to reconsider Affiliate Marketing if you wish to make huge income from your blog.

Why I Love and Prefer Affiliate Marketing Over PPC

1. Specific Earning Expectancy per Lead

I hate it when some days I get a CPC of $1 and later another day get a CPC of $0.10 on same page while using adsense. You can’t really predict how much each click would pay you. But when it comes to Affiliate Programs, you know the specific percentage you are to be paid for each lead. It is left for you to promote the affiliate links and make more money.

2. You Promote Only Products You Choose

Despite the fact that you can block Ads displayed on your blogs by PPC programs such as Google, you are still limited to what you block and also you don’t know each and every Ad that has been displayed to your reader. But when it comes to affiliate marketing, you choose and promote any product of your choice and you are sure that you have not misinformed your readers. This is one great asset to those promoting affiliate programs. You are liberty to promote what you love and not what is imposed on you by PPC programs.

3. No Competing Products

Most times, PPC programs promote products and services which are competitors to what you offer on your blog, and some times your readers usually leave for those instead of yours. Now that’s one client lost to the blues, but as I earlier said, in affiliate marketing you only promote what you chose and there is no chance of loosing your potential clients to your competitors.

4. No Website Is Needed

Unlike PPC programs where you have to build traffic to your website before applying, affiliate marketing is simply the other way round. You do not need to create any website before you venture into any affiliate program. You are only given a referral link which you can promote anywhere and as long as people purchase the services using your link, you are paid for it. No stress involved such as promoting a website, SEO, managing a blog and all that.

Conclusively, I can prove more points to you why you should go into Affiliate Marketing instead of PPC programs but for the sake of time, i’ll limit my points to this 4. Find time to search for a product and promote on your blog (If you run a blog) and watch every go auto-pilot. I hope you start your affiliate program soon.



  1. A lot of people have been reporting about reduced revenues from Adsense in various forums.I think the trend of depending on PPC for revenue generation is slowly dying off and more people are focusing now on Affiliate marketing as a source of regular income.

  2. There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is very effective and important thing to earn money online in short time but i think PPC has its own worth to get business quotes or orders in very short time as well. In this scenario your shared information is very helpful to understand the technicalities about affiliate marketing and PPC programs.

  3. What i love about most about affiliate marketing is that i don’t have to babysit my business all day.With active targeted list that goes out itself.You are sure to make a killing.

  4. very helpful. and another great thing to consider (for me) is that affiliate marketing sounds real online business that you have more control over ppc. hope to see more valuable contents like this.

    • Hi Shuaibu,
      You are right at what you just said. I’m about starting a niche blog that would survive by affiliate marketing and I would make the procedures I’ll take know to my readers on this blog. Thanks for coming by.


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