As a business owner, you definitely would want your prospective customers to gather as much information as they want regarding your product and in fact land fresh deals, and that’s the reason you created a contact us page.

contact us form on your business website

Now from experience, I’ve noticed that lot’s of webmasters and bloggers keep wondering if they should use a contact form on their website’s contact page or rather leave an email link. The obvious fact here is, you need to make things as simple as possible for you customers so you could easily convert them at the slimmest opportunity you have, but the question remains: “Does using a Contact Form Convert Higher Than Email Links?”  Here are few points to consider that will guide you through the process.

1. Email Spam

Of course we all hate getting those promotional mails that fill our inbox with spammy and non related content to one’s self. But how do most of these spammers come across your email address when you do not subscribe to their newsletters? I guess you can now figure out the source, if you still don’t, here is a little explanation.

When you place your email address on your contact us page which averagely would get indexed by Google,  a spammer simply needs to run a single query on Google to grab your email address (that’s if he doesn’t wish to get it directly from your site). They could sell the list to different other spammers, thus increasing the email spams you get on a daily basis. In order to avoid such activities, it is quite advisable to display a contact form instead of leaving an email link on your contact page.

2. User Convenience

When we talk about user convenience here, there are a couple of factors to consider. Different people definitely would have different approaches convenient for them. For instance:

Believe it or not, Email links do not actually work for most people. If you leave an email link on your contact page, once a prospective client clicks on it, it takes them straight to their default Mailing program (Outlook on PC or Apple Mail for Mac). The truth is, most people would find it annoying as they prefer the browser based options like Yahoo Mail! and Gmail. These set of people would find the form option more convenient.

On the other hand, some set of people would prefer the Email links not because they love Email clients, but simply because they would love to have a copy of the mail they sent your way.

In my opinion, I find the email forms more convenient since I could always save a copy of the mail I’m about to send in a Word file on my PC.

3. Sleek and Professional Picture

All established businesses have different sections for several purposes, and most times would have different email addresses for those sections. For instance, a web hosting company would have unique email addresses for the Sales and Support Team sections respectively.

If you wish to make things easier for your users, a simple contact form with a drop-down menu denoting which section the mail is to be sent makes things look sleek and professional.

The customers do not have to stick the addresses to their heads before been able to contact those sections. With such contact forms, everything is done easier and faster.

4. Guaranteed Reception

If you leave your email address on your contact page, someone’s mail sometimes would finally end up in your spam folder which you might not have the habit of checking often. But by using contact forms (contact form plugins for wordpress), the chances that your client mails would end up in spam is really low if not impossible.

Therefore, using contact form guarantees your clients that you definitely would get their mails and this improves the trust/value they attach to your brand.


If you have your customers convenience at heart, consider using email forms as it converts more at the slimmest opportunity. Do you have a contrary opinion? I’ll be glad to hear from you.


  1. Wow!.
    What a fantastic post bro.

    Have always been disturbed with this 2 options on what to choose, sometimes i change the contact page to one of it vice versaly.

    Thanks for highlighting the benefits of Contact form.


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