We’re looking at the 5 reasons kids should be allowed to game. But We’re in a world where thousands of people think that the Tycoons of Games & social media have to stop pretending. That there aren’t helping to build a better world. That they should admit, they’re just Tobacco farmers in T-shirts selling an addictive product to children. Because let’s face it: Playing games or checking your likes is the new smoking.

Philip Morris just wanted your lungs, the Playstore, & video games want your soul. They might be right but Games are structured for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.

Why All Kids should be allowed to Game

Games are distinct from work & art. This distinction is not that obvious, because many games are also considered to be work (professional players of spectator sports) or art (jigsaw puzzles or artistic layout or some video games).

Games are often played purely for entertainment, sometimes for reward or achievement

The successful: “Time is not supposed to be wasted but invested. The moment the human body is born it begins dying –aging to death. We should make good use of our time rather than doing meaningless things lik: Movies, video games,Facebook e.t.c.”

But has it ever dawn on you that video games enhances the human brain? Subtly improvement takes place in our head when we play video games. Human beings are  design to catch hold strong emotions even onscreen emotions. Video game’s emotions are contagious that’s how the effect starts.

Why do we find most games addictive? The sense of reality in gameplay continues to ensnare gamers. Because onscreen emotions are contagious that our brains effectively responds to the illusion created by the game. Whatever the game conveys, it tends to flip on the same circuitry as it does to real life itself.

Kids Should be Allowed To Game: 5 Reasons

Many people focus more attention on the potential dangers of electronic video games rather than the potential benefits of it. We should admit that games are a normal part of childhood these modern days.

But certain video games can be set as a powerful tool to help children develop certain life knacks. That only can be helpful. Educational video game provides learning & training value to children. But games don’t necessarily have to be educational to help kids learn how to use strategies, make decisions, anticipate consequences and even express their personalities. It doesn’t matter, educational or not.

Beyond all dispute, children should be allowed to play games for the following reasons:-

1. Games Provide an Opportunity to Teach.

Certain study shows that one-third of children play games in aid of teaching others. They want to teach other how to play and they derive enjoy teaching it.

During this study conducted a father vouch for the accuracy of this study. He said: “Most of the interaction my children had with their peers is all about solving situations in gameplay. All about how to pass certain difficult stages or collect items needed to succeed.”

Many a kid gains status like “Go-To” Kid who really knows how to tough it out in the roughest part of the game. It also encourages and builds social/communication skills together with patience.

2. Teaches Problem-Solving Knacks and enhance creativity.

Certain games are built to test & push you to your limit. That requires cogitated strategies, search, timing and often different approaches to advance. Games help children’s brain development –it enhances the brain.

The amygdala acts as a radar for the brain in every children’s brains. it calls attention to whatever might be puzzling, new or important to learn more about. Be that as it may, it helps children to think on their feet. At the same time, provide solution to a specific problem.

The God Of War, GTA V, A Way Out and other open world environment games are all problem-solving games for children. Game customization & new game levels, gives creative self-expression, heightens personalities and interests, deep understanding of game rules and structure.

3. Share the joy of Competitions & Making of Friends.

The well-known reasons children play games is the tendency of “compete & win”. This often takes place. The joy of competitions in games is normal for kids, especially for the males. Boys often compete with peers as they jockey for recognition and status –A.K.A the masterpiece player.

Games are a safe place for children to express those competitive urges and encourage other kids who aren’t good at it a chance to excel. Als,o it gives room for making of new friends. Most young children tend to see these games as a social activity and not an isolating one.

In a certain research about children, founders discovered that most children were more likely to play games witha group of trusted friends –online or in the same room. In the long run, researchers found that children with mild learning inability make “new friends” as a result of playing video games. Plus, young boys came out and admitted that young male at schools frequently focus on a conversation about “Games & Girls –the Gs”

It grants them the opportunity to hang out, provide structured time with peers.

4. Encourages Exercise.

Many kids often talk about learning new skills from sport video games and then putting them into practice in field, on skateboards and even basketball court. Children also took up new sports after someone introduces them in video games. Most parents said they often hear their kids saying “If you go out there and try those new moves and keep practicing you could get better with it.” And also research shows that playing realistic video games such as sports results to an increment of time spent playing that particular sport in real life.

5. Inspire Interest In Culture & History.

Most History Epic adventurous video games can spark up a kid’s interest to read and go on research –certain game content captivates. Video games like, God OF War, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology gives children insight about the world history, ancient cultures, international relations & geography.

I hope these tips really help? Did we miss anything? Share your thought in the comment session.


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