It’s been quite some months I moved my blog over to using the Genesis Theme Framework and I can tell you for sure that I have not regretted a bit of it. My blog has drastically improved in terms of Alexa and Search Engine Rankings and I think my theme has played a major role in making this happen.

genesis theme framework

There are lots of reasons why you should make use of a wordpress premium theme such as the Genesis framework, I will be explaining to you the reasons and because I’ve been running it for sometime now (and I still stick to it), you should take my words as the truth in this case.

Why I Love Genesis Framework

1. Support

This framework has a huge support base. Infact, you get a free support on how to install any Child Theme you purchase, you can also hook up with other programmers in their support forum that would help you find your way around the framework in times of your coding struggles. It is definitely a must use framework.

2. Updates

As long as you have a copy of the framework running on your blog, you are automatically updated with the latest version by just a click in your dashboard and it keep all your settings intact.

3. Security

Due to the regular updates and the loads of developers, there are always security checks and release of updates to keep your blog secured and out of trouble. Trust me on this, the guys over there at Studiopress are really doing a great job in terms of security.

4. Child Themes

It’s not just like other premium themes where you buy just one theme, but Genesis is a framework that allows you to run a whole lot of child themes with different designs that can suit any type of website.

If you understand their hooks and codes, you could also customize or even build a custom child theme for your WordPress website.

5. SEO

I remember back then before I used Genesis, I made use All In One SEO plugin for my search optimization, but now all that is history because Genesis Theme Framework comes with it’s own SEO added to it’s theme as default. Though you can disable it if you wish, but I bet you, it’s one of the best out there.

Here is How I moved my All In On SEO data to Genesis Theme SEO

6. Same Free Plugins

Don’t worry, you do not have to think about using special plugins made for the Framework alone because this framework makes use of the same wordpress plugins as all other themes and you do not have to spend money on new plugins.


I actually do love this framework more because it’s coding style is simple and clean. You can achieve a whole lot of things if you understand their hooks.

If you purchase just a licence copy, you can be able to make use of the theme on all your blogs. Isn’t this great? Moreso, the top bloggers are also making use of it, so why don’t you join theme.

You can Get the Genesis Theme Framework Here and if you are need for more child themes, Click Here to Get Genesis Child Themes. These are actually my affiliate links and I would be most grateful if you can purchase using my links. It actually won’t add more cost to the actual cost, but I will earn commission just for referring you. It’s just a way to say thank you.

I hope you get the Genesis framework immediately for your blog and enjoy the comfort, SEO and clean designs it brings your way.


    • Hi Christopher,
      Genesis framework is a theme framework or platform that has lots of premium child themes (different themes) that can suite any wordpress blog. Their theme are quite wonderful when it comes to SEO and flexibility. You would quite love it pal.

  1. So how do i use the child theme together with the framework. Forgive me bro, my brain lacks when it comes to wordpress


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