A gigantic majority of professional web designers are skilled on various technologies, that is, WordPress and other PHP frameworks. The reason behind this is that they can be easily tailored as per the company’s requirement. Since there is an ease of customizing and managing the CMS, thus, it is highly endorsed and has become a prominent choice of various professionals in the current scenario.

WordPress: Why it is more popular and preferred?

When you think about CMS (Content Management System), then what exactly comes to your mind? It is obviously WordPress, Joomla or both. The wordpress vouch for its platform as it serves lots of benefits and at the same time, Joomla and other frameworks are also offering a whole lot of features which are worth praising. Still, there are some advantages of WordPress which makes it more popular.

A few leverages of WordPress over other technologies are given below;


WordPress has an upper hand over other technologies. You will be quite astonished to know that WordPress does not have any limits on customization, but on other hand, other frameworks do have. You can steadily create a website with an ease and without spending much of your precious time. You could hire WordPress developers and enjoy its amazing features.

Ease of Use

Are you aware of the fact that WordPress was considered as just a blogging software in earlier times? Although, it is a Content Management System (CMS). If you are a newbie to the Web Designing platform or want to boost your knowledge on WordPress technology then you better know that it is very easy to learn and use.

WordPress holds many powerful features with which you can easily play with after learning. WordPress has a plethora of components which is helpful in targeting any kind of industry.


This CMS does not need to do any kind of coding so as to manage the website whereas other frameworks require coding skills. Without facing any hassle with coding stuff, just enjoy adding content in form of images, text and multimedia elements.


WordPress is better described as blogging software because it is excellent for publishing and updating content. But on the other hand, if you are having lack of time and your requirements are straightforward then better design your website on WordPress.


Quick Loading

WordPress is purely based on advanced coding techniques and therefore, you can optimize it’s CSS for you to make the web pages light for internet, this can be rendered fast on any web browser. Fast loading websites encourage people to come and search engines love fast loading sites.


There is an immense collection of plugins and extensions which makes the WordPress ideal for web designing with high functionality. You can use these features make the website attractive and scalable too. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Widgets: Assisting valuable activities such as drag and drop, image changing and there are many more.
  • Themes: You can make updates and changes to get a customized appearance. You could check out Genesis Frameworks Themes Here.
  • Plug-ins: Introduce some widgets and navigation bars as they are widely popular as per the current market scenario.
  • Mobile: You must be familiar with the fact that WordPress has evolved out with various new features and offering a great experience for a wide range of platforms such as iPod Touch, iOS for iPad, iPhone, WebOS and Android.

WordPress Enhancing High Profit Margin

It is very obvious that online marketing is touching the heights. Thus, if you are a business owner or a component of current market, then you really need to have a website and its visibility is also required on various search engines. This can be easily done, if the website is designed on WordPress platform.

Most of the search engines like WordPress websites, thus, at SEO point of view, it is better to own a WordPress website. This is beneficial, if you want to acquire a good rank of your website for a specific keyword. The default URLS created while working on WordPress is also SEO friendly which will give your website a good number of audiences.

Some Gratifying Administrative Features

WordPress has always served an ease to use because it has a light weighted administration panel. It is just excellent solution, if you want to solely publish your information. The administration panel is serving a platform where you can add and update new media or text. Even if you are a non-technical person,  you can have a good command over working with WordPress.

Now you know why the gurus are running their blogs and websites using this platform. Let us know your opinions using the comment box below. Thanks


  1. Great points bro….Yeah WordPress designs(customization) is what i have been playing with of recent and i can say its real awesome….


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