I know you are here because of the title of this post, does it sound controversial? Well, we would see by the end of this article.
There are lots of people out there who can never make a cent blogging because they’ve been blogging the wrong way and making several mistakes. I can remember how difficult it was and infact how long it took me to get my first Adsense cheque just because of this same reasons. Though i’m not a super problogger who earns 6 figure income blogging, but at least blogging foots my bills, I’ll teach you out of my subsequent experience in the blogosphere why you have not made money with your blog.

why you can not make money blogging

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money With Your Blog

1. Traffic

When it comes to making money online, the audience you can reach out too is proportional to the earnings you can make online. The truth is without you getting traffic on your blog, I wonder who would buy your products or even at least click your ads. If you wish to make some extra income online, you have to work on your blog’s traffic, i’ve written several articles on how to increase your blog traffic, here are a few of them.

2. Poor Content

There is no way someone would return to visit your blog when you do copy-paste from other blog, or you have very low quality contents on your blog. Infact, Ads publishing networks display their Ads based on your blog content, the lower quality content on your blog, the higher the chances of displaying Public service Ads on your blog. Try you best to improve your content, this would get people to come back to read more of your content and thus would result in a repeat traffic strategy.

3. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course, if you do SEO the wrong way, you stand high risk of been beaten by Google Panda/Pengium updates. This usually de-ranks a blog from it’s position in the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) of a keyword. It is very necessary that as a blogger, you have to learn basic SEO used in making a blog post such as the maximum number of h1 tags and more. Also pay SEO specialist to analyze and proffer solutions to the various areas you have been missing out of SEO. If you work well on your SEO, it would result in an increase in your Traffic in thus your Earnings.

4. Poor Blog Design

There are blogs with quite reasonable quality contents that end up scaring their visitors away because of their funny looks. To keep your visitors satisfied and happy, you also need to consider working more also on your blog design. Design a beautiful logo for your blog, use beautiful catchy colors and more. If you don’t want to mess around with codes, you can Hire A Web Designer to help you for a small fee.

5. Nature Of The Niche You Choose

From experience, every Niche in blogging pays only that some are better in terms of earnings than others. I would always say that, if you want to venture into blogging, it is very much necessary you go into a less competitive Niche. If you start up blogging with a highly populated and competitive Niche, you would most likely end up not making a dime from your blog because, the authorities in your Niche would always get all the businesses in your niche. Niche selection is a very vital point in making money blogging.


These are the various reasons why you can never make money blogging, if only you can avoid this and work hard on your blog, you would make money blogging and enjoy your blogging career. You comments are highly welcomed.

See you at the top.


  1. You have said it all Oscar,and i let me add here that you can never make money,and infact be disappointed if you you came into blogging for the sole purpose of MAKING MONEY,i mean if you ventured into blogging because you heard it pays.Only few days back i got a custom domain for a guy ,who got nothing on his blog,but the next question he asked was HOW CAN I START MAKING MONEY FROM IT?,simply told him to work on content and traffic

    • Right Ebima,
      Everyone ventures into blogging these days just for the money negleting the main blogging activities.
      Focusing on your blog activities instead of the money would yield a nice result.
      Thanks for dropping by bro.

  2. So… There is a lot of truth in what has been written in this post. The fact is that blogging can pay if you have developed an authority blog and you have interesting content that people want to read. Thanks a lot Oscar

  3. Hi Frank,

    Yes indeed, these are a few of the reasons people don’t make money from their blogs, yet these could also be the reasons if you reverse them, that they can make money from blogging. 🙂

    If your content is well written, and you take of your niche related posts, SEO, proper design, and get enough traffic, you could make money – isn’t it? I’d also like to add that your theme should be mobile friendly, and your blog’s loading time should also be quick because people have very short attention spans and wouldn’t really wait to read your posts if it all takes time, which reduces your chance to make money.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. Hello Oscar, what a great post you have here..
    Most people ignore the power of seo, Sometimes i asked myself , if CONTENT is king, what is SEO?

    But the other fact that is not included, CONNECTING WITH OTHER BLOGGER, if you choose not to learn and read from the pro blogger, i wonder how you are really going to make it online…

    Thanks for this wonderful post

  5. Great article Oscar. You are right, most people are on this page because of the title, but I have to admit the article is worth a read. I rarely found the importance of blog design and SEO discussed in connection with making money online through blogging. Excellent.

    • Hi Supriyo,
      Attractive title with hard truth content. I’m glad it changed your perspective about Blog design and SEO in relation to making money blogging. Thanks anyway for finding time to leave your valuable comment. See you soon on other articles written here.

  6. Hi
    Oscar Frank
    I Cannot make enough money from blogging the reason might be among you have kept in the blog post. I will Take seriously about these points. Hope next time When I came to comment in your blog I am happy with the return of this post.

  7. Blogging ca be used for diverse purposes and it should be optimized from very beginning to what it was created. If your hobby, you need to optimize it to get more followers. If your blogging is to sell your product, it should already be optimized for sales pages and your posts should direct readers to those pages. If you intend to earn from Ads, your blog needs to be optimized for best Ad positions, the best Ad networks and research on better beneficial Ad formats. And bla bla bla… So, it may not just suffice to have a great looking blog with extraordinary original content, neither the huge traffic. If your blog is not inclined to what it was aimed, you’ll never earn a cent from blogging.

    You’ve listed the points here some fundamental aspects to which every blogger needs to care, but apart from these, one needs to make much research and act accordingly if you really want to make any money with it.

  8. Hi Oscar,

    I couldn’t agree more with Harleena. You need your site to be “responsive” so your visitors can read your information on their iPhone, iPad, Tablet, you name it… It’s true. Everything you mentioned here are very good advice for a newbie.

    As far as “niche” is concerned, it’s also true that you have to choose the niche that’s low in competition. However, if your passion is “love and relationship” (for instance) which is highly very competitive…BUT you write really well, I doubt it if people will ignore your post. There are tons of people blogging on “How to make money on blogging” and yet still a lot of people are making money off of it because they write a KILLER content. Everyone of us has our own way of WRITING. Blogging may not be the same as writing an article in a newspaper or magazine, but you write as you speak. If you are UNIQUE in your own way and people like you…why not!! Anyway just my 2 cents.


  9. Nice Post Oscar,
    Traffic and Niche are the two most important factor that affect a blog level of income, If you want to make money blogging, you need to choose your niche wisely and also work on your Traffic. The more traffic you can get, the greater your chance of making more money.
    Most bloggers think they can make money by just publishing one or two articles weekly, NO, it doesnt work that way. you need to market your blog and get more and more traffic inorder to be successful

  10. Though traffic is not all about earning, it depends on how you can convert it bt nt withstanding, the fact still remain , No traffic No earning


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