Today is the last day of the year 2013 and I must say this blog achieved a great height of success ranging from income earnings, traffic, alexa ranking and what have you. And guess what, we owe this huge success to team work.

I’ll be writing in an unconventional manner so pardon me if this post is not organized as usual, I’ll probably not even proofread this post, lol. Are you wondering how team work led to great improvements on this blog? Lemme give you a little hint.

professional blogging in 2014

Before now, I used to do everything alone not until I decided to try things on the other side of the clock. Below are the things that I got involved in that helped boost my blog this year.

Points I Consider Team Work To Blogging Success That Worked For Me

1. Connecting With Great Bloggers

I never knew the power of relationships until I tried connecting with other great bloggers. I sent a couple of mails, most often this mails where pitches on how great their blogs were and how I wanted to write them a guest post. It proved to be one way to get their attentions tuned to my blog. Building relationship with other bloggers is a great tool to improving your blog.

2. Joining Facebook Blogging Groups

The truth is, as long as you have the willingness to help, your light can’t be hidden. I joined a couple of blogging groups this year, and if anyone needed assistance on issues I could easily fix, I readily granted them solutions within my reach, and guess what, this made most other bloggers see me as an authority in my field. Learning to help others in 2014 not only would make you a successful blogger, but will also garner you trust from other webmasters and blogger and this is a great asset that can be tapped from in the future.

3. Exchanging Comments

I didn’t just start getting huge comments on this blog. It actually started when a group of bloggers decided to create a facebook group where comments could be exchanged between her members. Not only did this help us grow our community base, it also helped reduce our Alexa rankings and made us grow popular blogs. Now, we no longer need to do the comment exchange as I have left that a long time ago, but the influence is still felt on my blog. That’s the power of teamwork.

4. Exchanging Social Media Shares

A couple of times, I shared articles I found interesting on my social media accounts from other bloggers and not expecting rewards. But what marveled me most is the fact that these bloggers always took cognizance most times and counted it for me as righteousness, πŸ™‚ . A good number of times, bloggers like Harleena Singh, Brian Belfit, DonCaprio, Ryan Biddulph would share my article on their social media accounts just in appreciation of what I’ve done previously. This is one thing I can’t really overlook when it comes to teamwork this year.

The list goes on and on, I simply decided to write this post in order to encourage all bloggers and readers of this blog to indulge in making things happen as a team. Join a group of bloggers who have common interest and you’ll all definitely achieve your dreams. TEAMWORK PAYS.

Also, OscarMini would have been nothing without your useful contributions in form of comments, guest post encouragements and more. I really do appreciate and say a BIG THANKS to all who have contributed in one way or the other.

I really won’t be mentioning names because I don’t think I would able to type them all, you guys are really awesome. Thanks and Godbless as you enter in 2014.

To Our Blogging Success.


  1. Wow that is very astonishing Oscar Frank,you see ΓΆne can not over emphasis the importance of co-operation at all times like the saying goes It is co-operation that made rice to fill up the cooking pot . So even generally in our existence as humans not only in blogging ,co-operation helps and we should help each other along the way to make it much easier. Thanks once again for such wonderful post.

  2. Hi Oscar,
    Due to globalization and technology, people can’t help themselves without networking.
    Nowadays teamwork is must for bloggers.
    Thank You


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