Deciding to get a web hosting account for a blog, eCommerce site, a regular website or other web scripts is one step in the right direction, but one thing most people face is deciding which platform to choose in hosting their web scripts.

Some common questions and arguments that come to mind include: “Should I choose a Windows or Linux webhosting?“, “I think a Windows Server would suit me since I run Windows on My Laptop “, “Windows Is Quite Easier for me so I should choose it’s hosting“.

Choosing between a Windowsand Linux Hosting server

Well, as much as those arguments keep troubling your mind, they in no way related to the type of web-hosting account you should use to setup a website. For instance, a Windows hosting account doesn’t mean that it’s cPanel would have a Start button like the regular Windows OS running on your PC. There are a couple of other criteria that determine if you should choose a Linux server hosting over a Windows and vice versa.

When To Choose A Windows Hosting

If you are designing a website that relies on windows based technologies such as ASP, .Net, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access, then a Windows hosting is definitely your best bet.

When To Choose A Linux Hosting

When it comes to hosting a blog, PHP, Pearl, CGI, Python, MySQL, WordPress and other Web apps, then you should choose a Linux Web hosting.

Although you can run PHP and MySQL on Windows server, but it won’t run as glitch free as it would on the Unix based servers like Linux.


Windows hosting is best suitable for running web apps that are coded using any of Microsoft’s technologies like ASP, MS Access, Microsoft SQL server and .Net.  But on the other hand, if you are wanting to host an eCommerce website, PHP webApps, a blog, or you don’t even know what these web hosting jargon are all about, then you should stick to a Unix based hosting such as Linux.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Do let me know your questions using the comment section below.




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