Winning Eleven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk mod 2019 is a competitive soccer video game. It’s the eleventh edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series made and released by Konami. Also, it consists of 30 stadiums, 12 unlicensed, 17 licensed and one fictional.

When it comes to tournaments all are integrated into the new mode and Football Life. It also features Become a Legend mode, a Master League mode, and a Club Boss mode.

In this article, we will provide you with the best link to download Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019.

The game is one of the fun soccer games that are achingly addictive, and we highly recommend you play it. Besides, it’s the hottest soccer game right now on the Google Play Store.

If you’re in search of a modded version for android Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019, then we’ve got you covered. You’re absolutely in the right place. The Apk + Data Obb files you can find the location easily below, but don’t miss crucial details of the game.

In the latest version Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019 has been updated, as such incorporating many a feature like kits, stadiums, player transfers, and 3D graphics.

Don’t be terrified about the need game’s size, for the files have been compressed to make installation much easier and faster.

Winning Eleven 2012 APK MOD + OBB File

Name: Winning Eleven 2018 APK

Version: 2018

Size: 256 MB

Supported Android Version: Android v4.0 and above

Developed and published by Konami

Download Link>>>>Here.

Installation of Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019

First and foremost, you need the APK file on your device, thus download it on play store or APKpure. Secondly, don’t open the APK file right away after download.

Next, download the Obb file, and after that, you should immediately extract to the OBB folder>>> Android root folder.\

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Thirdly, you have proceeded after these steps above to download the “Data” files/”SD” file. Why? Because the game uses the Data/Cache/Obb. Not until Extraction has been made before you can proceed. Migrate to>>> /SDcard/Android/OBB on your device.

Also, take note of the SD Card slot. If it’s available, you can copy and paste the file right inside this location: /phone/Android/OBB Until these steps have been following can you free launch the game without bug and enjoy.

Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019

Key Features

  • You have the Ability to customize and make dramatic changes in player’s Jersey.
  • Reality show! The Player’s Jersey can quickly get dirty as a result of the condition of the pitch.
  • It’s a step by step improvement of player’s stats. As players tend to make little progress with trophies and achievements, development of skills is made.
  • Availability of referee. Players can make physical contact with the referee while carrying out his duty on the field.
  • Cautions are now available for a repeated offense committed by ballers.
  • Ability to play the game offline.
  • Multi-player mode.

Winning Elven 2012 Konami is an intense real 3D competitive soccer game. It incorporates all the teams and the latest football players’ stat of 2018 World Cup and leagues.

In the game, there’re tons of modes to keep you busy for as long as, such as League Match, Cups and Friendly Matches. It has over 126 teams and 2600 players –give or take. Smooth actions and reflexes playback function allows you to experience the game in a whole new dimension.

1. Game Modes.
As said before the game has many modes, including League Match consisting of Premier League, Lega Serie A, La Liga, and CSL), Cup bearing World Cup, Club Cup. Thirdly, Friendly Match and Penalty Shootout.

There is also a training mode for you to display and improve the skills of your team. It’s divided into three which are: Primary, Medium and Advanced.

Furthermore, we have Friendly Match Mode which you can select two teams out of 62 club teams to compete or even engage in a penalty shootout.

Then, Cup Mode, where you can pick your favorite team to participate in the World Cup called 64 national organizations.

Next, League Mode, select one team from Spain, Britain, Italy or China to compete for the championship.

Lastly, we have the Training Mode.  Select your favorite team to perfect specific skills.

2. Various Operation Skills

Winning Elven 2012 Konami featured two types of operation modes. You can choose the first one or go for the other. You either change way via Menu>>>Option or tap start button to directly activate Menu in the game

If you’re not acquainted with the game, you can migrate to Control Method in Help of Options via the menu.

The operating system has been made easy. You have five pass ball keys setting so choose the one that is perfect for you. You have: Long Pass & Short Pass / GK Rush Out, Special Dribble, Long Pass / Shoot, Slide Tackle, Through Pass/Focus Change.

Shoot tactic: You can make various shooting actions according to the distance between the player, the Power Accumulate and ball.

Special Dribble Techniques: The game features many particular dribbling actions such as: Step over, Marseille roulette, Step over and Pull back.

Automatic combination skills: This is divided into seven, and they’re as following:-
Through Pass: According to Power Accumulate you can pass a ball to catcher

Long through Pass: With the right Power Accumulate you can also pass the ball to a catcher with Long Pass

Sprint: Fasten speed of dribble and rapid dribble, but less ball control.

Drive ball out:  Ball can be stopped far away.

Dribble with far distance: you can double click in front while dribbling to make further skills and also facilitate fast run.

One-Two pass: This is combined cooperation between two players to dribble past an opponent.

Lob shoot: Press The special dribble button to shoot.


This is how to download Winning Elven 2012 Konami WE 2018 Apk Mod 2019. If you have any issue download/ installing the game, sure to drop a comment below and we’ll be glad to reply.


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