If you have been tracking down Cisco for the past months, then you might have noticed the changes in their certification track. These significant modifications have been materialized last February 24, 2020, which was also the same date of the retirement of some popular Cisco credentials like CCNA R&S, CCNA Data Center, CCNP Wireless, among others. Because of this, it appears that Cisco now offers a whole new set of badges and in this post, we’ll observe one that has already become popular — CCNP Enterprise.

Cisco Networking Exams


Newfangled CCNP Certification Program

One of the certification paths that underwent a revolutionary transformation is CCNP. Before, most of those professional-level badges were mainly influenced by your completed CCNA credential. For instance, if you have accomplished CCNA R&S, then this steers towards CCNP R&S. This process, however, is no longer applicable to the newly-released CCNP Enterprise. This means that you only need to conveniently prepare for your CCNP exams as long as you are already equipped with the right background of your tech expertise.

How to Earn Your CCNP Enterprise?

To better understand these changes, let’s have CCNP Enterprise as an example. Starting February 25, 2020, you have to complete two tests to obtain it. The first is a core exam, and that is 350-401 ENCOR. This is an essential requirement so that you get to master the important enterprise technologies that might be prevalent in your technical expertise in the future.

As soon as you have settled the core exam, you can now take one of the six offered concentration tests. Each of these assessments focuses on different areas, including advanced routing, networks, SD-WAN, wireless and implementing networks, and automating. This allows you to not just earn a standard badge but also choose a specialization you want to further advance in.

One of CCNP Enterprise Technical Specializations

One of the six concentration exams is Cisco 300-430 (ENWLSI), which primarily takes on your ability in implementing enterprise wireless networks. This assessment is suitable for network engineers, network designers, and sales engineers who are knowledgeable in managing both wired and wireless networks, together with routing and switching.

Cisco 300-430 helps you become more accomplished in key wireless areas such as Multicast, Quality of Service, device hardening, among others. This is also where you acquire detailed cognizance of basic and advanced location services. More so, the exam largely highlights your skills in dealing with different security features involved in wireless client connectivity. So, as the list of the skills you’ll acquire is quite wide, to cover all these topics, you need to use comprehensive and high-quality materials. Let’s see what are the best resources available for your 300-430 preparation.

Worthy Prep Materials for Cisco 300-430 Exam

The best material to start your exam pursuit is the official syllabus specifically prepared for 300-430 test. All the objectives are compiled into one pdf-file that is downloadable from the Cisco website. It is primarily used as a welcoming tool to give you an outline of the essential topics required by the exam and to help you create a complete study plan.

Another functional material that helps you cover the exam content comprehensively is the official Cisco training. This 5-day course not just provides a detailed orientation of the topics but also hands-on labs to bolster up your knowledge. This means that this training enables you to maximize your technical credibility in working with wireless network infrastructure features and issues.

Lastly, Cisco keeps you grounded with your exam comprehension through their own tutorial videos. These resources furnish you with the possible types of questions that might be included in your test. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with these materials to be prepared for any tasks and handle them with no doubts.

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Just like the changing nature of the tech industry, certifications are also meant to be modified to ensure practicality and credibility to its users. That is why you need to straighten your thoughts and start setting your goals if you want to earn a CCNP Enterprise.

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