Do you know that whenever you make a new blog post in your wordpress blog, wordpress has an inbuilt ability and function that allows it to send pings (notifications) to major search engines concerning the new change and post that has been made on your blog. Now have you wondered if you could send pings to other search engines for them to crawl your site, this could increase your traffic you know?

how to notify search engines of new blog posts using wordpress ping list

Well, that’s what this post is all about, the default wordpress ping list has only one link. This Ping List i’m posting contains over 160 ping links. It will notify search engines anytime a new post is been made on your blog. Here is the List.

160+ WordPress Ping List for 2013

How To Add Ping List To WordPress

Incase you do not know how to make use of this list on your WordPress blog, it’s quite simple . Follow the steps below to add this 160+ wordpress ping list services to your WordPress blog.

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on Settings > Writing, then a new page would load.
  • Copy and paste the above Ping list into your Update Services Text Area (the last test area space on that page).
  • Now Click on Save Changes to implement this Ping List.

That’s it. Whenever you make New Blog posts on your wordpress blog, lots of search engines and directories would immediately be notified and this can help get your blog post indexed immediately. It works for me.
You can share your own list using the comment box below.


  1. Wonderful and long list bro,but i learnt the inbuilt wp ping list notifies all the major search engines when any change is made,how true is this???.And do we have to copy paste the whole of these ping list ? wont it amount spamming?

    • Hi Ebima,
      There is usually mixed feelings from different bloggers concerning large ping list. But I’ve been using this list for close to a year now, my posts get indexed on Google Search 5-10 secs after I publish them, and I haven’t received any problems using the list.

  2. Thanks for the Great List of Ping site . My blog posts are taking too long time to get index . Today when I was checking the ping list I found that only default ping site is available and other ping site has been lost , may be because of the updates . Hoping now my blog post will get index faster as before .


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