Technology is speedily advancing and everything is slimming down, right? Well that sleek or should I say slim look is no longer limited to just laptops and phones but this time, even our external hard drives are catching the slim virus as Seagate announces the release of what can easily be described as world’s slimmest external hard drive.

World's slimmest external hard drive from Seagate

This ultra slim external hard drive from Seagate will come in 1TB and 2TB capacities. It will come in platinum and gold colours. As at now there is no information as to how much Seagate intends to charge for this but, there are speculations that it will start from around $99 (approx N18.000 ) for the 1TB variant.

Measuring in at 9.6mm thin, the 2TB Backup Plus Ultra Slim drive has two 1TB platters inside. In addition to the drive, Seagate will also bundle in 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage free for two years.
Be sure we will keep you posted when this ultra slim external hard drive hits the Nigerian market. Stay tuned here.



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