We all blog for a reason which is best known to us, but have you ever wondered or cared to know if the Niche you choose was the right place you needed to be? Were you influenced to choose the Niche simply because people are making money from it? Or did a friend compel you into the Blogging Niche?

you are in the wrong niche

These are questions we should always ask ourselves as bloggers. If you are not in the right niche, you might make money blogging but then that’s just a peanut compared to what you would have made if you chose the right blogging Niche for yourself.

I know choosing a blogging niche can be difficult for most newbie bloggers and that’s the reason most fall for these blogging mistakes, but you can find you way back and discover your stand now. The below points would guide you through knowing if you are actually in the right or wrong Niche for yourself.

I’m I In The Wrong Niche?

1. No Uniqueness

Let’s all be honest to ourselves, almost every blogging niche is saturated but there are top guns who are the run to guys when you talk about the niche. Now if you find yourself in a particular niche for quite a reasonable period of time and still find it difficult to make your blog popular then you are one step into the wrong niche. Even when you write your article, it should have some uniqueness that attracts readers, and if after you’ve tried your best to achieve this all to know avail, then you are in the wrong niche.

2. No Impact On Readers

I can always read all articles from blogs on Neil Patel’s blog and that’s because his article always have an impact on me. But have you taken time to analyze if your blog has a positive impact on your readers. You can find out from the comments your readers leave or maybe you don’t even get comments on your. These are issues to consider while analyzing your influence on readers. If you discover that you impact them positively, then stay. Else you are definitely going to fail, run far from that niche.

3.  Always Running Short Of Content Ideas

I quite agree that we all as blogger experience writers block at one point or the other in our blogging career, but the truth is this should not be often. There are lots of new things going on in that niche that you can write about, but you are probably not seeing them because it is not meant for you. I know that there are ways to overcome writers block and generate fresh content Ideas, but if it’s more than unusual and you always get brick to generate content then you are in the wrong blogging Niche and should find a better one.

Your Turn

It is now left for you to analyze your blog using these laid down rules to know if that Niche is really for you or not. If you found yourself in the wrong niche, it’s never too late to start something new. Otherwise move on with your blog.

To your blogging success, Happy blogging.


  1. Hi Oscar,

    Patel Neil is my favourite blogger as well because he’s filled with unique content that impact knowledge, I mean great knowledge and also John Chow. Choosing the right niche is the backbone behind every successful bloggers.

  2. I must say some bloggers make the mistake of going into any niche just for them to be bloggers but i must say choosing the right niche especially one you have passion makes you a successful blogger because you will not really focus on the money aspect rather you want to make impact.

  3. Running short of content ideas is a regular thing for me.But i think that is mainly because i try not to repeat anything that has been said before.Repetition is a big turn off for a reader who is familiar with the concept and is looking for some interesting perspectives of issues pertaining to him.


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