Change is the only constant thing in life as they say. And the world is advancing in technology on a daily basis so any company that lacks innovation this time will definitely close down. To meet up with the latest trends and of course the needs of users like you and I, Yahoo’s email app has just gotten an update with some new features. Did I say new? Well these features have been on Google’s and Microsoft email apps for smartphones. So yahoo came a bit late but it’s all good.

The New Features On Yahoo Mail App for Android & iOS Devices

Yahoo Mail gets a face lift

Following a major redesign in autumn 2015, THE Yahoo! Mail app has been updated with a set of NEW functions. A group of messages can now be MOVED or deleted by pressing and holding the selection. Plus, it’s possible to toggle easily between Google, Outlook, AOL or several Yahoo! accounts. A set of customization wipe controls have arrived too, SO swiping a message in the inbox left or right can MARK it as read, archive it, mark it as spam, move it TO another folder or delete it completely.

The latest Yahoo! Mail app is available to download free of charge from Apple’s App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


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