It’s quite a true fact that we all want to rank on search engines for various keywords, but 90% of the bloggers out there focus their resources on one search engine which is Google. Although Google has the larger share of the search market, don’t you think also optimizing your blog for other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo search can bring you additional traffic and leads to making more money blogging?

A statistics result I came across that was dated April 2013 has it that Google accounts for about 66% of the searches in the US while Bing and Yahoo account for about 30%. This continues to grow it would be cool optimizing your blog for them. I’ll show some simple tips to bear in mind when next you optimize your blog for search engines and how it can skyrocket your rankings on the said search engines.

how to optimize your blog for bing

How To Optimize Your Blog For Bing and Yahoo Search Engines

1. Content Remains King

All search engines have this in common, the more relevant your content is to the topic discussed the higher your chances are to rank for that particular related keyword. Focusing on writing content rich articles is one key to making your headway to the top on bing and yahoo search engines as i’ve noticed lately on my this blog. Generally, Bing loves articles of at least 300 words.

2. Updates Blogs

Another factor that affects your ranking on Bing and Yahoo Search Engine is how often you update your blog. For the fact that every search engine wants to satisfy their users, they try to give preference to blogs and websites that regularly update their pages and also add new contents to their blogs. So it is necessary to keep your blog up to date to attract higher ratings in their search result.

3. Post Title

Bing and Yahoo search tends to pay attention on the title tags. The titles are ideally supposed to be between 5 to 65 characters. Also try to add your keywords in your title, this also is a useful tip in optimizing your blog for better results in the search results.

4. InBound Links

Simply put, backlinks boosts your sites reputation and ranking power. The Bing algorithm is relatively simple because what used to work before on Google still works down here. I even noticed that Bing bots recognize links with anchored text related to your keyword  better than Google bots, so building backlinks with a variety of related keywords is one simple trick to rank higher on their search results.

5. Domain Age Factor

This is one thing about all Search Engines, the older the domain name the better the chances of ranking higher. This does not mean new domains won’t also rank if they are better optimized, but it’s one factor that is used in making their ranking algorithm which you should keep in mind also.

6. MS Webmaster Center

Just like Google Webmaster tools, Bing also have their own webmaster center. Create an account there are try to follow their optimal tips on order to optimize your website or blog for their search engine ranking.


Optimizing your blog for Bing and Yahoo search could be achieved using quite easy and basic SEO procedures. These tips above would guide you through.

I hope this helps.


  1. Hi Oscar,

    We are always more focused on Google and forget about Bing and Yahoo. This must be because about 90-95% of search engine traffic are only from Google. And also, won’t it be optimized for Yahoo & Bing if we optimize for Google? Content, update, links, titles etc. are all required for Google too! How it differs to optimize your blog for Bing from optimizing Google?

    • Somethings favored by Google search engines are not same on other search engines as their algorithms are not made to work same, that is why you should also work on optimizing for others. Though some things Google does not support are still supported by others.

  2. Hi Oscar,

    I seriously thought about it for the moment. But, frankly speaking I don’t give much preference to these two search engines. My personal opinion is that – if you optimize your content for Google, it is already optimized for other search engines as well.

  3. Optimizing a site for Google alone is inadequate as you may be missing out from other search engines, the algorithms for different search engines may vary but with Google being the king of search engine what works for Google may also work on other sites, i personally have noticed traffic from Bing and Yandex just because i have submitted my sitemap to those two search engines. This is a great tutorial to remind webmasters on the need to consider other search engines while optimizing their site.

  4. Hey Great share about yahoo and bing but I’m normally prefer Google.If you done all the stuff based on this search engine sure you can get placed well in other search engine too each one has different experience but the point you have listed are need to be considered

  5. You are right! I forgot all of these things, but now I remembered it all. Thanks a lot for your post that triggers my mind to remembered them. I can’t do it without this post! =D

  6. Most people assume that all of their search traffic arrives from Google and discard other search engines.I also followed this strategy until i realized that Bing and Yahoo have been consistently sending traffic to my site in small quantities.Since then i have focused on other sources for traffic.

  7. Funny you note this Oscar lol! I check Bing and Yahoo almost daily to see what I happen to rank for, and I usually make Page 1 for at least a few of my keywords. They seem to use Google’s old formula quite well; agreed with you there buddy.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. I’m a little confused – except for the MS Webmaster Tool, aren’t all the others directly related to optimizing for Google as well? Google most certainly takes all the other stuff into account, right?

    • Hi Michael,
      Optimizing for Google helps in optimizing for Bing also, but most things are quite different as I did mention of the Algorithms been different. Optimizing your blog alone for Bing won’t do your rankings on Google any good. Keeping as separate entities in mind is a key to beating their ranking rules. Thank for dropping by.


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