Are you a musician, budding or newbie, and you wish to take your music career to the next level, hereby utilizing the almighty tech and apps, look no further as here are the best applications you can readily install on your smartphones and tablets to give that music career a spin.

I’ll be listing out 10 useful applications you can find in various apps store for your devices that every musician should find helpful.

Best 10 Apps Every Musician should have on their phones

10 Apps For Every Musician’s Smartphone and Tablet

Below is a comprehensive list to find helpful.

1.Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear teaches how to learn sounds most especially by ear and it provides you with an opulent quality aural training. It helps you detect chord progression added together with the tuning of your guitar, the app can also do rhythms. Some of the other features include exercises, [scales, music theory articles, pitch training, notes singing trainer and many more]. Most music professors recommend this app to their students. However, ear training is valuable for most musicians. The app is free to download. But you can purchase additional stuff as in-app purchases.

2. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is used to create songs from our smartphones. Everything about this app is optimized for mobile devices. And it is more for electronic and vocal-centric styles. It’s similar in scope to apps like Fruity Loops and Edjing (two more excellent musician apps). The app includes the mixer desk, master section, effect rack, sample rigs, equalizers and song sequencer. That makes this one a steal and easier to recommend than the others, even if the others work just as well.

3. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats is more like a timer (tick, tock). This app supports one to 300 beats per minute. It can also accent the first beat of a bar. You can even tap the screen to define your own beat, which simply means that you customize the metronome beats to your own preferred timing. The app supports background play. Thus, you can move over to other apps while the beat plays. This one may not work for everyone.

4. BandLab

This app is one of a few fairly decent DAWs on Android and its actually transforming the world of music, wait did I actually said that? Yes, I did, this app worth it. The app makes it easy for musicians and fans to record and produce their own music. Additionally, it has a 12-track mix editor, unlimited project sizes, various musical effects, a metronome, and track remixing. Most editing apps usually work best with electronic music. However, this one seems geared more toward physical musical instruments. This should work for most simple recording and editing tasks.

5. Song Key Finder

This is one of my favorites, do you know why? I guess you don’t. This app is simple but great, it could be of a help to you. It can be used to identify the key of a song through various means: [Analyzing live music via your device’s microphone, analyzing a local audio file on the device, user-centered chord setting] and one amazing fact about this app is accuracy. You need to try it out yourself.

6. Vivace

Vivace is an app you don’t want to lose because it teaches you how to read sheet music. It is a great app for beginners and advanced musicians. The app includes all 15 key signatures, the five more popular clefs, step-by-step tutorials, and more. It also includes both English and Italian note names. You can view tutorials, use the trainer, and then practice what you’ve learned. Reading sheet music isn’t all that difficult. However, it is a valuable skill. You can pick up the app for free and get the pro version for $1.49.

7. MuseScore

Do you want to discover new sheet music, boost your practice by listening to the notes and change the tempo? This is the app for you. It offers a ton of sheet music options from its online community. There is also a desktop version. The desktop version allows you to notate music. You can even upload your own as long as it’s in the right format. It takes a bit of work to properly get into. It has features like staff resize, transpose melody, multi-track playback, metronome and lot more of cool stuff. It can display only portions that you want to practice as well. It works well. The pro version removes limitations and adds a few features.

8. 7 Minute Vocal WarmUp

This one basically is for you (vocalist, singer, radio announcer). It was originally created to help you in a quick vocal exercise anywhere, anytime and most especially without musical instruments, all you needed to do is follow the on-screen guide. One amazing thing about this app is that the warm-up routine is designed by Aziz Indra, a well trained professional musician and vocal coach with an experience of 15 years in music tutoring. This app will help you develop a very strong voicing and vocal techniques and it has no age limit. Another interesting part of this app is that the latest version includes breathing and two warm-up exercise. You can as well pay for the pro version in other to unlock more features.

9. gStrings Tuner

This app is a utility that turns your device into a chromatic guitar tuner. gStrings Tuner started out as a guitar tuner app. It now works for virtually for every musical instrument such as [viola, bass, piano, violin, and wind instruments] and even your own voice. It also supports a variety of frequencies. A simple UI rounds out the experience. This is a good app for practically any musician. If you’re looking for a good chromatic tuner, then look no further try out the gStrings for an accurate tuning. You can get it for free as long as you don’t mind advertising. The paid version costs $3.99. It’s definitely one of the best musician apps which you don’t want to miss out from having.

10. ReverbNation

It is a promotional and social media network, they offer cheap, quick spots to upload music. That’s helpful for things like sharing your music with other people or listening to it on multiple devices. ReverbNation also offers free services. You can get more features if you pay for their subscription. It is one of the major general utility used in online music marketing. Go get an account on Reverbnation and enjoy the bonus.

Hope you did love this comprehensive list of applications musicians must have on their Android device. Feel free to share your thoughts or other apps you must have found useful using the comment section below



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