As we do know, for most people, their blog or website is their business. Getting people to be pleased with your webdesign so that they can always visit your blog/website is a must do in order to improve their business. But there are a couple of webdesign errors I see these days on blogs that would definitely scare me away from your blog. I simply call them “Reasons Why I won’t Visit your blog again“.

10 common web design mistakes to avoid
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10 Webdesign Mistakes to Stay Away From

Here are the various webdesign errors that would hurt me, and I won’t come back to your blog again.

Webdesign Mistake #1: Use of Fonts
The font you make use of on your blog determines the readability of your articles. Using small fonts with lets say Calligraphy font will surely strain the readers eyes, and in return chase them away from your blog. After all there are lots of other blogs also with cool content. Try as much as possible to make your fonts size bold enough and your choice of font matters here.

Webdesign Mistake #2: Opening External Links in Same Window
This is one huge mistake you should avoid. While making a blog post, always make sure you open all your external links in a new window using the target blank link tag. This mistake would definitely transfer most of your readers to the external blogs and they would not likely come back, and thus it even increases your bounce rate.

Webdesign Mistake #3: Use of Blinking Text
Blinking text usually hurts my eyes and so does it to your readers. Using this can make readers not to visit your blog again. Simply use simple bold text and avoid the blinks.

Webdesign Mistake #4: Use of Pop Ups
It disgust lots of people when they visit your website to be welcomed by pop ups. For me, I hate and don’t make use of them. Though this is up to you, but for me, it’s ruled as a webdesign error to avoid.

Webdesign Mistake #5: Horizontal Scrolling
It sucks to see a blog that scrolls to the left and right, It makes navigation a mess. Try as much as possible to adjust your blogs width to fit in to any screen.

Webdesign Mistake #6: Misusing Graphics
Using heavy images can increase your blog’s load time, and also increase your bounce rate. It is recommended that you use light images or simply load images from an external serve using CDNs.

Webdesign Mistake #7: The Use Of Flash
One thing bloggers and web-designers fail to understand is that search engines cannot read flash. So avoiding using them to display your content won’t be a bad idea at all.

Webdesign Mistake #8: Use of In-Text-Ads
I’m not trying to see that monetizing your blog with In Text Ads such as Infolinks is quite wrong. No, what I mean here is, confusing your link with the Ads, let’s say using the same font color can confuse your readers and increase your bounce rate.

Webdesign Mistake #9: Not Maximizing the Alt IMG Attribute
Optimizing your images for search engines is a great way to get traffic from image searches. It is necessary you make descriptive attributes of your images using the Alt Image Tag. At least it won’t hurt you to take out that one minute in doing so.

Webdesign Mistake #10: Not Making Navigation Accessible
When you get a new visitor to your blog, the first after the content they look for is the links to other articles and categories on your blog. It is therefore necessary that you make your navigation link very visible either in the header (most likely suitable spot) or sidebar, and make sure it is differentiated from other parts of your blog, this can be catchy and directs your visitors on where to go.

I hope you can now see the Various Webdesign Error you Need to Avoid in Order to keep a healthy blog. Use 1 minute to tell us other web design errors you just know using the comment box below.


  1. It is actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Good post bro i really enjoyed your post but for those of us who don’t know much about web designing, the only alternative we have is to hire a professional for our web designing needs or look for Good and already made themes to avoid unnecessary mistakes, it’s also a great lessons for every designers and bloggers

  3. Great work! Its really impressive. Every web designer must practice hard to avoid above 10 common website design mistakes. I am sure this will help me as well as other designers to build a quality website. Thanks!!


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