The truth as I will always say on this blog is “The Money Is In the List“.

Are you wondering if this is really true? Bloggers like John Chow, Pat Flynn and Neil Patel would definitely tell you more about this.

It takes a lot of hardwork and traffic to build up an email list for your blog and some other times, you might even buy solo ads in order to grow your audience reach. Now one thing that can really be frustrating is when your subscribers start unsubscribing from your email list.

why people unsubscribe from your email list

Not only does it mean that they no longer need your content but also means you would really go down in traffic and in effect your blogs earnings.

There are a couple of reasons why people would unsubscribe from your list, they don’t just go out without you doing something wrong. One thing I believe is that to every given action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Now, below are the the points you should know has been chasing away your subscribers and also I’ll guide you through how to build up your blog list and also make money from your email list.

3 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Your Mailing List

1. Poor Quality Content

It’s obvious that people hate it when you give them poor quality content or something everybody can always give to them. As every internet marketer would say, content remains king and it is the yardstick through which your subscribers determine whether they remain on your list of throw you to the waste can. Therefore, for you to retain your mailing list, you should always provide your subscribers with the best quality content that can’t be found anywhere and you won’t regret a bit of this.

2. Maling Frequency

There are two aspects to this that can really mess your subscriber list up and I’ll be explaining them below.

It is either people unsubscribe from your list because you are to harsh when it comes to your mailing frequency. No one can stand been spammed all in the name of been enlisted on a bloggers subscription list. You don’t have to mail them everyday, or when ever you make a post. Some internet marketers go as far as mailing their clients on every article they make and your list members would surely dislike this if you are such bloggers that post multiple articles in a day. Finding a way to summarize your daily articles in one mail before sending can be a great way to keep this in control.

Another aspect to this is when you do not update them over a long period of time, and they somehow come across your former mail, your list member might deem in necessary to unsubscribe from your list because you do not provide him/her the value they expected before opting in for your list.

The truth all lies in your mailing your list at a moderate level instead of spamming or not even sending them regular updates.

3. Promotional Mails

Of course we all love to make money as bloggers, but that is not enough reason to bomb your list with promotional stuff that does not most times concern them. I understand that most times you can be paid by other bloggers to promote their products to your list, but doing this on a regular basis would definitely send a wrong signal to them and leave them with no other option than to unsubscribe from your list.

It gives a feeling of betrayal since you would no longer offer them the quality they had initially come for.

To keep your list and still make money from them, find a way to keep a balance between providing them value and selling products to them.

Now Your Turn

Now you know the reasons why your subscriber list has been depreciating, make it a habit to avoid the listed points and build up a healthy blog list.

Not only would you enjoy this in the future, but this would help gain you loyal readers, more return traffic and more money from personal and promotional products in the future. Bear in mind that moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy subscribers list for your blog.

Happy Email Marketing.


  1. Oga Oscar how can i set up one for myself cause the one i’m using is feed burner that sends my post across to my subscribers each time i update, please help.

  2. I’m concerned about mailing frequency. As a reader I would love to get email updates every day from my favorite blogger. I think getting an email once a day should be fine for the subscriber


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