Have you taken a keen look into the blog topics that have driven more traffic to your blog? If your answer was yes, you probably must have discovered this secret and utilized it in winning thousands of subscribers and fans to your blog. But if you answered No, never worry because it’s never too late, you too would soon enjoy huge traffic after reading this article.
blog post contents types that can drive traffic to your blog
I too never knew about this until after a series of experiment, I discovered that there are specific blog post title patterns that usually turn in more traffic than others. After I implemented and tweaked them into different patterns , I came up with this article to help you leverage your blog post titles in traffic generation.

Blog Post Title Patterns That Generate More Traffic

1. Personal Experiences

This is one of the content types that really attract people to your blog especially if you are an authority in your blogging niche. Every blogger would love to know your experience in order to learn from you and become as successful as you have been. I noticed that when I wrote a personal blog post titled “How I Drive Traffic To My Blog Without Google“. This article had a huge acceptance and traffic that got me into writing a sequel to the article later. You can experiment with personal experience blog posts, they are cool content ideas that drive massive traffic to blogs.

2. Case Studies

This is also similar to Personal Experience type of content, just a little bit different. In this type of content, you might not have experience it directly, but studied it from another bloggers experience and you come up with a case study on that. I can write a blog content such as “Secrets on How John Chow Was Able To Generate $5000 within a Week” and would surely bet that 80% of the people who come across that title would click to know what secret such a content has for them. Case studies usually drive huge traffic, though I don’t use them often, I’m currently working on some.

3. List of Resources

This is the usual blog post type that is currently used by most bloggers lately. It has become quite popular and still retains it’s power of driving traffic to a blog. A compilation of a list to a resource is quite simple to write as other blog posts, come  up with ideas and turn them into resource list blog post types. A list of top PPC programs, highest paying affiliate programs and lots of others are good examples.

4. How Tos

One thing that should really convince you that these type of content ideas draw traffic is WikiHow and eHow. All their contents circle around How Tos and yet they command huge traffic to their blogs. If you are good at making Tutorials, you can write some cool How Tos and watch traffic increase to your blog.

5. Number Posts

Every one loves to know how many points you have concerning a subject matter, and the higher the better. I’ve conducted this experiment and had it work for me. For instance, if I use Google to search to the keyword “Ways to Make Money Blogging” and I see articles with titles such as “Ways How You Can Make Money Blogging” and “20 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog” , I would most likely click on the 20 Ways article and i’m sure you too will. Number articles have their power and way of attracting traffic. Here is an example below.

I hope you can start implementing these content type tips into your blog content writing and get blown off with the massive spike in traffic graph you would receive. I hope this helps.


  1. Numbered posts have always worked for me.It has that unique intrigue which makes people want to read or atleast skim through the content.

    • Hi Mia,
      Real life stories play a much impactful role from experience, most blogs I read are because of the nature of the articles that are written. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. this is my first visit on your blog and i really impress by visiting here, title also drive the traffic on your blog, how tos can play important role.

  3. hi, i used some topic from your post, but still not got any increase in my website traffic, please suggest me that which topic i cover in my posts which help me to get traffic on my website….?

    • Hi Avtar,
      If you started writing your blog posts with any of these title types, then you are a few steps to driving massive traffic to your blog.
      Some reasons why you might not be getting huge traffic is because you did not promote your blog posts, or your blog has a low Search Engine Ranking authority. Blog post promotion should not be overlooked if you wish this to work for you, and a simple way to build up your blog’s Search Engine Rank Authority is by Guest Blogging. I hope you’ll apply some of these tips and watch your traffic grow using those titles.
      Thanks for finding time to leave your valuable comment, and feel free to send in more questions if any arises. Do have a great day.


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