I suddenly fell in love with the Google Chrome Browser about a year ago, and since then I no longer go for the other alternatives (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). There are a couple of reasons why I ditched the other browsers, especially my former love, Mozilla Firefox, for the Google Chrome Web browser and one of the major reasons is the numerous extensions I can lay me hands on and achieve a lot of stuff.

google chrome extension for bloggers

Google has made things easier for bloggers with the introduction of extension and and lots of developers have been doing great jobs by developing cool extensions for we blogger. The truth is, blogging has been easier with Google Chrome Extensions.

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. SEOquake

This is one of my favorite Google Chrome extensions, it displays a lot of information about any page you are viewing. One major reason I love it is because it differentiates nofollow links from dofollow links. The nofollow links are highlighted with a crossed line, while the dofollow links dispaly normally. Some other informations it displays are Google PageRank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Yahoo linkdomain, Bing index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Delicious index, Whois link, Page source, SEMRush rank and Nofollow links.

2. Shareaholic

This is another Google Chrome extension every blogger should have. It helps you share any webpage across any over 250 services. It even shortens the page with it’s unique short linking service and share across all the numerous social media networks.

3. Feedly

Since the demise of Google Reader, there has been search for alternatives and here is one of the best options in form of a Google Chrome extension. You can use feedly to read RSS from various platforms and is a must have extension for bloggers.

4. Chrome Pass

This is quite a handy password recovery tool that helps you recover all usernames and passwords which are signed in on your Google Chrome browser. It can be of help when you forget your passwords and more. I simply love this article.

5. Related Content By Zemanta

This is one nice Chrome extension I’ve come across, it analysis your content and then gives you a result of other related pages on the web which you might love to link to. It even gives images related to the page you are currently on. It’s one great piece of extension you must have.

I hope you love this list of must have Google Chrome extensions for every blogger in this article. Share more if you wish using the comment box below.


  1. Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for listing the cool plugins. The plugins I’m currently using are
    1) “Google dictionary” which give meanings and synonyms for the word by double clicking it.
    2) “Awesome Screenshot” which is used to capture screenshots.
    3) “Print friendly and PDF” which is used to create PDF file of the webpage.
    4) My blog’s alexa toolbar which is used for improving my blog’s rankings 😉

  2. Hello Frank,
    Well I was not aware of such extensions available till now. I loved the SEOQuake as well as ChromePass. They are sounding simply incredible.
    Thanks a lot for bringing this thing into the light of us.

    Charmie 🙂

  3. My greatest of all this extensions is really seoquake ‘cos of the many vast things you can possibly achieve with it, knowing those at a snap having been easy till this plugin came into space.

    Thanks for sharing the manually valuable info about the other ones too

  4. Thanks for this information Oscar! I actually have Shareaholic and didn’t know all that it has to offer. Will be looking at this again. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Oscar,

    These are really useful Extensions. I im using Shareaholic and it is doing its great work ! I will add all of them that you’ve shared ! Thank you for sharing about them 🙂

  6. Feedly and Shareholic rock! I use both, especially Feedly, to keep track of niche specific blogs. Extensions make your life easier and Chrome is so lightweight, you just can’t lose using these tools.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. SEOQuake is my favorite. It shows most of the important data right beside the domain name. I also like feedly but now they have launched a cloud app and therefore I’m good with it.

  8. Nice post for the bloggers.

    Am using three of it and those extensions are really helpful for me to do an enhanced blogging.

    Try Diigo web and Ginger too. Both are useful for bloggers.


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