When you talk about WordPress, many people’s minds would simply go to a blogging platform. But what they fail to realize is that WordPress is a CMS whose abilities can be stretch beyond the confines of blogging. Infact, it can be used to create wonderful and amazing websites. Have you considered using the wordpress CMS for your Business Website? If not, let me give you reasons why you need to.

reasons to use wordpress for a business website

Reasons to choose WordPress for business Websites

  • Installation – The WordPress CMS though splendid in it’s capabilities, is very simple to install, you do not need to know programming codes, PHP or MySQL to install it, and it take nothing more than 5 minutes to install from your cPanel.
  • Plugins – There are lots of Developers creating lots of Plugins and Themes daily for the WordPress platform, therefore achieving great tasks on your Business Website won’t be a challenge as long as you can visit WordPress Plugin Directory, and guess what most Plugins are free.

    Must Read Guide on How to Install A WordPress Plugin

  • SEO – When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, WordPress rules because there are lots of Plugins that can help you set up Meta Tags, and other SEO related stuff on your pages and posts.
  • Making Posts – You don’t need HTML knowledge to be able to make a post on WordPress. This CMS was made with a publishing platform in mind and has a Rich Text Editor alongside.
  • Support – If you do have problem using wordpress, there are lots of people out there to help, they even have a WordPress Community. If that’s not enough for you, a simple Google Search would do the trick for you.

If you are still contemplating whether you need a website at all for your business, then here is a useful piece of information in form of an article that explains to you if you really do or not. Follow the link below.

Feel free to add to these points the various reasons why the wordpress CMS can serve as a perfect tool to create a business website for your client, and do not forget that sharing is loving. Help us spread the news about wordpress been used for corporate websites. I hope you loved this article and it has gone a long way in keeping you informed. Stay cool, 🙂 .


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