I recently made two posts on reasons why I love WordPress and also reasons why I also love Blogger blogs. After reading those two posts, some people might have decided to move their blogs from Blogger to WordPress. If you do fall into this category, then this post for you, it would help you see more reasons why you should move your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

five reasons why you should move from blogger to wordpress

I’m not saying in anyway that Blogger blogs are not good, but I’d like you to see from my point of view after you read this post, the various reasons you should consider and you would be convinced that you really do need to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Five Reasons Why you must move from Blogger to WordPress

Man, if you still are asking this question “Should I move my Blogger blog to WordPress“, then read the points I have to make.

1. Self Hosted: One of the reasons why you really need to move your blogger blog to wordpress is because it can be self hosted. You no longer have the fears that you site can be deleted at the slightest mistake of going against Google Terms of Service, since you host it on your servers, you have your data at the tip of your palm.

2. Traffic and SEO: This is really true, once you move from Blogger to WordPress, there is always a high tendency that your traffic would increase tremendously. There are many factors that can determine this ranging from the SEO plugins, you could change your permalinks (URL link structure) to make your blog morre Search Engine Friendly.

3. Plugins: As at the time of this post, there are over 10,000 different plugins available for WordPress users, most of the things which where impossible for Blogger users are made a reality for the WordPress users as a result of Plugins. Did you know that you can add a forum to run alongside your wordpress blog, you can create a proxy server using wordpress, Sitemaps can be autogenerated and pings sent to search engines once you make any post. These are the wonders of plugins.

4. Customization: Although blogger also is customizable, it is greatly limited as compared to WordPress. There are lots of free and Premium Themes you can use on your blog. Some even have features which are supposed to be in plugins embedded in the Themes. If you are not yet using WordPress and enjoying these great customization abilities, then you have to give a try.

5. Support Forum: There is hardly a problem which you encounter on WordPress which you won’t get a perfect solution to this problem. This is made possible because WordPress has a great Support Forum where great Bloggers, PHP coders and more meet to profer solutions to WordPress blogging troubles for free.

After reading this post, I know you’ve decided to move your blog from blogger to wordpress,if you do not know how to do it,
Read this post on how to move from blogger to wordpress and start enjoying the benefits of using wordpress. Please use the comment box to tell us if this post was helpful.


  1. ” thanks… lets look at it this way, i have a facebook page named love&laff, and i’m having great amounts of visitors everyday liking the page, can i advertise my dating blog on the page, second question is does a dating blog has high cpc.

  2. Goodday sir,I’m thinking of moving my blogger blog to Wp but i want to confirm my doubts, i am a student,so i really don’t have much to shell out every year for webhosting,i found a cheap Nigerian host that offers 1gb web space,20gig Bandwidth monthly… so my question goes thus— how much traffic can 20gigz serve? , i currently receive 69-150 visitors per day and average time on site ranges from 1.50 to 3.20 according to Google analytics and would this be enough if my readers hit 500 or 1000 ?

    Thanks a lot sir

    • Hi lanre,
      That specs would serve you for now, but it isn’t advisable to go for such unless you do not plan on expansions soon. Why not build up your blog on blogger for now, prepare properly and make a proper move down to WordPress?

      • Thanks a lot for your quick reply, just that this days I’ve been hearing of Google shutting down some blogs..even heard of another one few minutes before posting the other comment…

        ok sir,can you recommend any good webhost that offers good specs with an option of monthly payment


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