There thousands of people out there who are really making money online, at the same time been successful and live the internet lifestyle from the comforts of there home. Are you wondering how possible this is? Of course, the internet has endless streams of opportunities to earn a living and I will be guiding you through the floods of endless possibilities of becoming your own boss.

make money online tips for 2014

What does not matter is if you wish to become a full time entrepreneur, part time online manager. The option is meant for you to make while you can still make the most out of the internet. Read on to get the top 5 powerful ways to make money online come 2014.

5 Ways To Make Money Online In 2014

1. Offer Services Needed By Web Business Owners/Bloggers

The truth be said,  the number of newbie webpreneurs is on the rise. Since everyone wants to make money online, they must into online businesses such as blogging or other stuff which definitely would require a website. If you have knowledge on some services I am about to mention, then you are on your way to earning a six figure income within your first month rendering these services.

The services most online web business owners would require include:

  • Webhost
  • Domain Name
  • Webdesign
  • Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Promotion etc

The number of services they would need are usually numerous, but you could start with these. I do not mean you should setup your own servers for webhosting business, but you could either become a webhost reseller or sell webhosting space using your affiliate links, and same applies to domain sales.

Another aspect is the webdesign, you could link them up to a perfect web-designer who pays you commissions or rather do it yourself if you have the required skills. Same applies to offering SEO and SMP services.

2. Take Your Current Business Online

I always love to let people know about the benefits of getting your offline business to the web. In fact, the goodies attached are really important not to miss, because creating a website for your current business not only helps build trust for your business, but also exposes your business to a whole lot of new potential clients therefore giving your a wider reach. You can check out the 7 benefits of having a business website.

3. Start Niche Business

The truth been said, the top web gurus are all running into niche marketing because they know it is the best stream to earn a living online. Incase you not understand the term “Niche”, the this article would be your best friend.

Find a favorable and profitable market, make research on the products you are about to sell, then create a niche blog for it. Do SEO to rank the niche site, and in due time you’ll start making sales on the product. Remember, niche sites make more money using affiliate programs such as amazon and that’s how easy it is making money setting up niche sites.

4. Build and Flip

Wondering what this is about? Some people do not have that time to manage a website and that’s where building and flipping comes to play a role. Build beautifully designed websites and give them a little authority, then you can go to sites like flippa, to find potential buyers and then sell off the website.

It might sound confusing, but it is definitely simple to achieve once you’ve mastered the art. Lots of webmasters are currently making money online using this principle and you too can.

5. Offer Marketing Services

This almost sounds like the first point given above, but I’ll go a little further in this case. Every blogger and web business owner is continually in search of ways to extend their services to a new set of individuals and that’s where content marketing comes to play a role.

There are lots of marketing services which include Web Optimization, Press releases, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Keyword Research, Social Media Promotions, Link Building etc. You can learn about any of these, master the art and turn it into a business. 🙂

Now Your Turn

Making money online is not as difficult as most people think, though everything requires hard-work to achieve, knowing your onions would definitely play a role also. If you can make out time to involve yourself in any of the above 5 mentioned ways to make money online, you definitely won’t regret reading this article and have a brighter 2014.

I hope you find this guide interesting. To your success. Please remember to share this article also. Cheers


  1. Thanks brother, am just newbies to blog u can check me out ,so what i want to ask is that as i am newbies what is the first step did i need to follow in oder to make money

  2. Hello Oscar,

    Making money online in Nigeria is very possible and it pains me that many persons actually believe that everyone making money online is involved in some kind of fraud.

    Later this year, my online earnings overtook my offline salary! I simply had to quit my day job to focus on the dot com lifestyle – and I have been loving it since!

    I’ll suggest academic writing for the teeming number of graduates without jobs, I’m sure if any graduate works 3 full months for an academic writing company, he/she would never bother looking for a job again!

    Do have a fun filled Christmas!


  3. Hey Oscar,

    I can’t believe that 2014 is just right around the corner! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing in 2013. It’s all good because I look forward to 2014 and this is a great post to start off the year. I’ve heard of flipping websites from another post I read and it looks like it’s starting to get popular. Also I like the idea of talking to business owners about taking their offline business online and market to their ideal customers online. It gives them a wider range of people to market to as oppose to just marketing in their area. Thanks for sharing these tips to help us start the new year right!

    • Hello Mr. Smith, its amazing how fast the year runs out and this shows us that we have a limited time to live in this world and one must utilize his/her time effectively because time lost cannot be recovered.

    • Hi Miracle,
      Working on your traffic is a great way to start from if you wish to build up a money making blog. Anyway, if you’ve got a dedicated and targeted traffic, a low traffic and also prove effective.
      Thanks for coming by. 🙂

    • Just like Mr. Oscar here said, you’ll need to work on your blog traffic and also Alexa ranking/Page rank and one sure way of doing that is through blog/forum commenting. Thanks.

  4. It is highly probable that these methods can make a lot of money online. Though it is easier to say than do. Building excellent website is one thing, but this doesn’t mean that it will be easy to make it popular or to make good money with it.


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