As the era of blogging continues, there would always be an obstacle to deviate our blogging passion to frustrations. I call these frustrations “diseases” in blogging, and once you are infected with any of them, then that is the beginning of destruction in your blogging career.

In this article, I would be dealing on the five diseases that can affect your blogging passion.

You might be wondering why I used the term “disease”, actually whenever you find out that your business is draining down, the term “diseased” is being applied, your business then has been diseased and once this happens, you might definitely lose the passion you had for such a business, same term is applied to blogging business.

The factors that affect your passion for blogging negatively are as follows:

1. Inadequate Blogging Tools

Talking of inadequate blogging equipments, there are whole lot of equipments that aid in blogging and not having some of them can definitely shut down the passion you previously had for blogging. We can look into gadgets like your personal computer (PC) or smartphones, internet connection facilities and what have you.

Most newbie bloggers face the challenges of not been able to afford such tools and end up been frustrated and loosing the passion they had while taking up blogging. Other things one might face especially in developing or underdeveloped countries can be low network coverage which also may lead to poor blogging.

2. Inadequate Content Provision

Content they say is king and without you having quality contents on your blog, then it’s obvious you are not ready for business as no one would visit an empty blog. This is in fact one of the basic diseases most bloggers face and this can lead to killing your blogging passion as you would no longer see positive results in your blogging activities. The lack of your provisional content is like having no products to offer your customers which would be so deadly in your blogging carrier. I encourage you as a blogger to plan your blogging strategies.

Whenever you feel that your contents is inadequate, then you make up some researches, for instance, you can signup for Google Alerts to get latest alerts on the keywords you blog about. It’s also beneficial if you connect to other great bloggers in your niche or you can pay freelance writers to write you quality content. Remember one fact in blogging, “content is the king”, so without good contents of what you blog about, then you have lost it all.

3. Poor or Frustrating Comments From Readers

Comments is indeed good, but of what use is your blogging when there is no comment or recommendation. I love comments on my blog because it is one of the things that boost my morale for blogging and helps me find out my weak points as a blogger, but it becomes a disease when you see no comments or likely visitors leave you with frustrating comments and loads of insult.

When I started blogging recently, I almost lost my passion for blogging due to the bad way people kept addressing me about my blogging attitude and all that. This is infact a kind of pest that can eat off your blogging passion, but you really do not have to see negative comments as a discouragement. Firstly, there are ways to getting more comments on your blog and secondly you have to see all negative comments as feedback to building a better blog. Forget the so called insults, concentrate on improving your blog or you loose your blogging passion.

4. Low Traffic To Your Blog

Having a low level of traffic is most times discouraging and can kill your blogging passion. The truth remains that you can’t stand to continue selling a product with lower number of customers you reach to on daily basis. Actually in blogging, I call traffic money because the higher you get visitors which turns out to become recurring traffic, the higher your chances of making more money and income blogging.

The truth about low traffic most time is determined by what you blog, how you promote your blog posts, and your SEO strategies. One way most bloggers leverage is joining advertising companies in order to reach a wider audience. Notwithstanding, bloggers also can sapp off the super power of social media sites to generate additional traffic to their blogs.

5. Lack of Adequate Power Supply:

This might not apply to people in the developed world, but down here, it’s one hell of a reason your blogging passion can be tampered with. Not having sufficient power supply can put you out of the internet, and leave your blog with no one to write content, do promotions and all that.

Outsourcing power on your own can be a move in the right direction if you are to lead a successful blog in the long run.


Looking over at the 5 points discussed in this article, you can find out the ones that directly affect you as a blogger, work on the prescribed remedy and watch your blogging career boost itself to success in 2014.

Over to you ,  I would love to read your contributions in the comments. Cheers!


  1. Well said bro,i have been through all ,but i never gave up.Internet connection and poor power supply frustrated me to the extent i decided to sell out my blog,but discouraging comments fro would be buyers kept me going,thanks for these tips,its worth sharing

  2. Your welcomed mr ebima, these are the kind of frustration so many bloggers are really facing nowadays, and most of them are being discouraged.. Thanks for your time going through my content

  3. Its so sad that those who know much about blogging can’t teach those who dnt know or new bloggers for free.I sent a message to Oscae Frank since,and have not replied me yet.I just started blogging and don’t know more about it,anyone there to help?

    • Hey Ilya,

      If you would ask me I will say you are rude. How can you post this kind of comment in a place such as this and I will blame you Boss Oscar for even approving the comment in the first place.

      Would he have seen it and not reply you? See, If you continue like this you will end up being a frustrated blogger.

      It’s so disappointing that bloggers like you exist in this blogosphere.

  4. Hmmm, have experienced 2 or 3 of the challenges you just mentioned dude, and the funniest part is i use to experienced it at diff time, is so frustration and challenging at times but i learn many lesson from these challenges and one of it is that most of the challenges are stepping stone for you to rise !

  5. This is a great article for sure! A really helpful one. Good work brother.

    Recently posted on…………….. How to write an effective article for your blog

  6. Hey Chinonso, it’s so refreshing to read your work here on Oscarmini….your writing is so worth being published and trust me it actually worth my while.

    Speaking of your article, you have shared impressive and valid points that can cause many a great writer to quit blogging.

    You might be like “but Sam, how does writing align with blogging?” Okay, I will explain. 3 years ago I started a blogspot blog by virtue of the strong inclination to get my words and stories out the to the world.

    It was so frustrating because at the time I was experiencing all and even more of your mentioned passion killer, which later resorted to me quitting for the first time in my life.

    And on may 10, owing to my friend Timi’s blogging success experience, the fanaticism to succeed as a blogger increased that I had to start Pro Motivator, and this time I was ready to give it what it takes.

    Till now, I don’t have a gadget of my own and the curve two I have is a frustration, if I had allowed it it would have killed me. I just hope my Ipad3 giveaway win landed safely, and I know it would.

    Dude, this is my first time of reading your works and you indeed surprised me with your amazing writing prowess….keep it up sir.

    I’m right now reading your blog but the link in your byline isn’t correct, I had to type the address in my browser before I got on your page. Pls correct it. 🙂 You should have a magical week ahead blood blogging brother(BBB)! 😀


  7. There are many things that can make one loose his/her passion for blogging and one of them is having very little or no traffic to your blog that’s why one must try hard to generate cool and steady traffic to his or her site.

  8. Well, its definately true that when you are doing something, you should have passion for it. But another thing is to keep that passion burning. i just got into the blogging and really the five things mentioned above is really frustrating. The good thing is i work as an i.t for Airtel and in my office i have a super fast internet network speed.
    The bad thing is due to the nature of my job i am not always in the office which is why i have not yet finished designing my site.

    Thanks though for the tips, it sure gave a lot of assistance.

  9. I must say lack of dedication can also kill your blogging passion, Because a person should be dedicated enough to give his 100%, Google doesn’t love lazy bloggers who don’t update their blog frequently..


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