This is one of the reasons why I love WordPress, there are lots of plugins for you to have a taste of. As a web developer who blogs more on Tech, I surely bet you that this collection is the best five plugins you really need for your wordpress blog.


As all bloggers using the wordpress platform know, wordpress does not allow the usage of PHP codes in the text HTML widget, but here is a workaround for that. With runPHP you would be able to PHP codes and snippets in the Text HTML widgets of your wordpress blogs.

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Google Syntax Highlighter

Install this plugin and watch all the code snippets posted on your blog turn into a wonderful and colorful pattern just a the image above. One thing about this plugin is that it is Javascript based and won’t contribute to your server load.
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Wp Advanced Code Editor

This plugin adds real time syntax highlighting and syntax numbering and more into the Add New Post and Page of your wordpress blogs.
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Preserve Code Formatting

As a Tech Blogger, you must have tried making HTML code entries as a code on a post, only to find out that the entries perform a function, and actually you must have posted it for people to copy and not for it to work. If you faced such a problem, here lies your solution.

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SQL Executionner

This plugin offers you the same functions as PhpMyAdmin would all lying in your wordpress dashboard, you do not need to log in to your cPanel for that any longer.

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Why not start using these plugins right away, and remember to use our comment box to tell us if there are more which you know and would like us to know also.


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