When it comes to making money online, you don’t need a university degree, a professional certification, or money. All you need is creativity. I repeat, creativity. That’s all you need.

And the ways you can make money online are endless. If you’re creative enough, all you’ll ever need to become a millionaire is just a good PC and a reliable internet access.

creative money

And to give you a head start, I will be sharing with you 7 creative ways to make money online

1.  Freelance on oDesk, Elance and Guru.com

This has made me more money in 6 months than I have made on my blog in 4 years, partly because my blog took 4 years to make me $100. I recently made $180 for a couple of hours job on oDesk.

Making money as a Freelancer is just as lucrative as running your own part-time business. You already have skills you can monetize – Graphics, WordPress set-up, Magento set-up, Data-entry, Content writing, or Programming. And even if you do not have a special skill, you definitely can read and write emails, make phone calls and book travel tickets; then you can become a Virtual Assistant for a rich busy guy.

And it’s so easy that you can start making money the day you sign-up on the freelance site.

2. Sell an eBook on Amazon

Amazon is making it extremely easy for people to publish books, both print books and eBooks. But the one that can more easily make you money is an eBook. You can write a guide on anything, make it as detailed as possible and put it up for sale on Amazon kindle store. Amazon helps you with the entire publishing process, all you have to do is to write out the eBook in Microsoft, and if you don’t want a template cover page, you can design the cover page you want using the provided guidelines.

I have a book already put up for sale on Amazon kindle store. I know of bloggers who have compiled their most popular and helpful posts into an eBook and are making some cool cash selling them on Amazon.

For the a guide on how to do this, here is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Guide

3.  Sell Photos online

Professional photos of places and life in countries like Nigeria and India are in demand online, and have little competition. If you have a good DSLR camera and can use it well, you can earn some good cash putting up pictures of street life, villages and peculiar animals, for sale on Shutterstock, iStock, BigStock, and Fotolia

I have an account with a couple of those sites and have one or two pictures put up for sale. They have a very sophisticated way of vetting photos submitted for sale. Don’t even attempt to put up a picture you took with your phone or a Point-and-Shoot camera, it won’t be accepted. But once you get the process right and get the very type of pictures that can grab the attention of a journalist trying to write a documentary on Nigeria or a publisher trying to find a cover picture for a book, you’re game!

The fact that you keep making money over time as people get to use photos makes it one of the cool residual income businesses to look out for.

4. Review Products

I still saw one product review offer two days ago, the company wanted a Nigerian to review its product. The pay was something and no one had applied yet.

The trick is knowing where to look. I’m not a veteran in this revenue making means. But lots of software companies give product review offers, and a couple of traditional companies too. The offer I saw was by a  game company and the pay was in dollars, real cash.

Just Google to find the hidden marketplace for paid reviews.

5. Affiliate Sales and Referrals

affiliate marketing
Most of us have thousands of Facebook friends and lots of twitter followers, you can start earning some cash by posting, once in a while, an affiliate link for a product your audience will be interested in. In Nigeria, some people have earned by referring Facebook friends to sign up at Dealdey.com and sharing affiliate links of Jumia.com products.

And if you want to make it big via affiliate sales, spend quality time to build an email list. Connect deeply with your email list subscribers by providing them with valuable information regularly, then once in a while market them a product. If done right, you can begin netting in enough to quit your day job and start a blog to teach people on how to make money from email marketing.

6. Sell Coupons

If you are very good at searching for things online, you can make money selling discount coupons. And it can range from Facebook ad coupons to a Game coupon.

I have gotten Facebook ad coupons and LinkedIn ad coupons before, and if I hadn’t had a need to meet with it, I would have sold it to someone who needed it in exchange for cash or something more useful to me.

7.  Set up blogs for people

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a blog. Most don’t know if HTML is a person or a thing. They don’t know that a domain name is same as a website link. They don’t even know jack about  blog set-up. You can make a good side cash from helping them, you don’t even have to charge much. Do a great and neat job, and their friends, family and enemies will want you to build one for them. Just make it clear to them that they will be the one to make the blog posts or else you’ll get calls from them every week, telling you that they’ve sent you an article they want you to put up on the blog for them. Then one day, they will physically hand you a printed article and tell you to put it up on the blog.

Now Your Turn

So these are 7 creative ways to make money online. Have you ever tried any method above? What was your experience like? If not start today. Feel free to share with us other creative ways known to you.



  1. Great article! it helps us to earning online. it gives the trick how can we earn money online..realy !!!!!!!!!..thanks a lot…..:-)

  2. I think a lot of people will consider point 7 now because lots of non-techies are now plunging into blogging and they will surely admire and even pay for helping them set up a blog and get going.

  3. Thanks man for such a creative way for making money. I usually prefer affiliate marketing as compare to adsense, infolinks etc..In affiliate marketing you will get good amount commission on just one sale… well commission always upon product price.

  4. When i was an internet newbie, i never agreed that people would really make money from scratch. But as time went on, I read different stories and among which included eBooks just like you shared. I laid a plan and strategy to help me and now am earning from my eBook sales in addition to being a guest writer on the different blogs. I use pay hip to list my eBooks and am confident about that. Thank you for sharing.

  5. this a gr8 post i just wish i can set up my blog and try to do sme freflencing job to manage my blog b4 may.oscar hw gud is bluehost in yor own opnion and whch webhost are u using.


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