9Mobile Night plan is a special plan, created for 9mobile subscribers who prefer browsing at night at lower costs. The 9mobile night plan features 1GB of data for 200 Naira and 250MB data for 50 Naira. This plan kicks of 12 am every day and end 5 am every day.

etisalat night plan activation code

This article contains a list of activation and deactivation codes that power the 9Mobile night plan. To activate or deactivate the 9Mobile night plan, you will need these codes. The deactivation codes are useful for disabling auto-renewal of the 9Mobile night plan.

9Mobile Night Plan Activation Codes 2019

As mentioned earlier, 9Mobile night plan offers two bundles, 1GB for 200 Naira and 250MB for 50 Naira. The codes to activate them will be treated here.

  • Dial *229*10*10# for 250MB for50 Naira
  • Dial *229*3*11# for the 1GB for 200 Naira

9Mobile Night Plan Deactivation  Codes 2019

Deactivation codes are useful in a situation where you do not desire to renew your 9Mobile night plan subscription.

Having the 9Mobile night plan renew itself without your content will tell on your 9Mobile account. If you desire to deactivate auto renewal of your 9Mobile night plan subscription, use the code given below.

  • Dial *229*0# to deactivate 9Mobile night plan

There you have it, a complete and comprehensive list of 9Mobile night plan subscription code. To subscribe to any of the plans, dial any of the codes provided in this article.

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  1. 9mobile night browsing plan is cheap and the N50 plan is closely related to the Last update

    Did u notice the last data changes on mtn night plan, where dey reduce the data volumes and left the bundles prices untouched?

    Users complained bitterly about the reduction and right now, it’s back to normal.

    Well written article @Alexis

    Keep up the good works.

    Peace ?? .


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