This is great news for the Adsense publishers around the world as Google Adsense team have now introduced a new Ad size which is the 970 x 90 Ad unit.

It is of the same height as the 728 x 90 Ad unit, but a little bit wider in size and this would have the various bloggers see increase in their earnings because of the Ads space and visibility coverage.

Here is a little scrape from the Adsense 970 x 90 unit official page

“It’s been just a few months since we launched a new, larger 300×600 ad size, giving you the opportunity to attract brand advertisers looking for large spaces to engage with users. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and are happy to let you know that we’ll be expanding our range of available ad sizes to include the brand-friendly 970×90 ad unit.

970×90 ad units are a newly adopted IAB standard and are also known as ‘super leaderboards’. This larger ad size is another visually impactful placement for advertisers to promote their products and services even on wider screens.”

Here is what the Ad Units look like

The 970x90 Ad unit image display
The 970×90 Ad unit image display Above

The Adsense 970x70 ad text display
The 970×90 Ad unit Text display above

Here is another piece from Adsense blog.

“When enabling image and rich media ads for this unit, display ads in the size of a 728×90 unit will be displayed initially. Over time, we expect that the inventory of image and rich media ads for the 970×90 will grow and you’ll see more full-size display ads being served”.

What do you have to say? Are you gonna Ad this unit at once to your blog or do you think it’s too large? Expecting your response in the comment box.


  1. Nice one ,saw it two days ago,experiment it ,and later removed it cos its too wide a banner for majority of blogs xcept those that will be dedicating the whole of their header to it

  2. Hi Oscar,
    Well,That’s a great idea of publishing this kinds of ads by Google. Everything needs changes !! Great move by google for Adsense earners !! 😀

  3. Great post Oscar,
    I was excited about this new ad unit when i heard about some few days ago, I think this unit should help publishers CTR, and i will be giving it a try very soon!

  4. I was worried when I saw this about availability since it is so new. I wondered how many different ads there would be at the beginning, but I just tested it on my site and if there are no ads of the new size to show, it displays a 728×90 in its place. That’s great news! Thanks for the heads up on this new ad size!


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